Laundry Day

Hello Everybody! My name is Captain Pup. My mom runs this…blog? Yea. That is what she calls it. She said that, from time to time, I could write a few things about me and my life here for all of you.

Gotta tell ya – figuring out how to type with my paws was a feat! Thanks and shout out goes to Dad for the recent nail clipping. That is helping, loads!

Speaking of loads… guess where my parents came home to find me today? You guessed it! THE CLEAN LAUNDRY PILE!!!

I had to tell you all how GREAT laundry day is. Not sure why Mom gets so upset with me when she finds me here. I mean, she did leave the clean clothes out for me, right? I mean, she leaves the dirty clothes in the closet so I don’t have to see them. Then she cleans them for me, and lays them out on the couch so I can take a nap! I love it when they are warm, just out of the dryer! But she always gets all cranky when I fall asleep there. I just don’t get it.

Anywho – today was laundry day. Actually, more like laundry week! I was starting to get concerned. I hadn’t had a laundry day in over a week!!! Going through dryer-fresh withdraws. But now, I’ve had about 3 laundry days in a row!!! But Mom keeps picking up the clothes before I get a chance to really dig in deep and snuggle. I tried to tell her to stop moving the clothes around by growling at her. But she just got more upset with me. I took a nap in my house instead.

Mom and Dad left a lot of the clothes all folded up in the laundry basket this morning. I hopped in that one too – but it just isn’t as good as when Mom leaves the pile out for me all day.

Well, I gotta go! I have a ball to chase, a toy to squeak, and some dinner to eat, all before I start my nightly routine of giving both Mom’s and Dad’s hands a bath. Man do those two get salty during the day! I’m not sure how that happens, but I have to lick that stuff off every night! Oh, the woes of a dog!

See ya later everyone!