Baby Francis, No longer “round” produce!

Tuesday, May 18th, 2009

Ok, ok, ok… I’m a MAJOR slacker. There are lots of excuses as to why I haven’t blogged for almost THREE weeks, none of which really qualify. I could tell you I’ve been super tired, and super busy, or that our internet at home went down… but three weeks? Yea, that is just slackage on my part. Sorry.

Ok, so going back to week 20!!! (Oy. That is encroaching on a month ago!) Can you believe it? That was the halfway point! Wooo hoo!!! We are officially on the downward slope! And here is my 20 week picture:

Yea – that belly is starting to get in the way!!! But I’m loving every moment of it (even when I’m cranky).

Week 20 brought a fun new twist to Peep’s updates. At the halfway point, we stop measuring Peep in the “round” sense (until now, we’ve been measuring crown to rump) and start measuring in the “length” sense (crown to feet). So round produce comparisons are out, making way for “long” produce. Week 20 was a banana. 😉

Week 21 was a great week! It marked my very first Mother’s Day celebration:

My parents took me, Anthony, and my sister to Mother’s Day Brunch at the Ronald Reagan Library. See those pink tables down there? Yup! We ate a lovely brunch under the wings of Air Force One. Then, we got to tour the plane, and the rest of the museum. It was great!!! We saw a replica of the Oval Office as Reagan had known it, and a HUGE replica in miniature of the White House as it stands today (complete with pictures of the Obama family and even a mini version of their dog). It was so cool! The model was scaled 1 inch = 1 foot, and it was seriously something to see.

It was so neat to spend the day with my Mom. It really was a special day. And Anthony did his part, too. Some people don’t think that it was an “actual” mother’s day for me, as Peep isn’t here yet. But my mother (and several of my family and friends) believe that I am most certainly a mother already, thankyouverymuch! And Anthony wanted me to know he thinks so, too. He asked me one day about a week before  if I cared if he and his brother, Paul, “went to the comic book store without me.” Oh – no, I don’t care. I’d prefer to stay home! So he went – and little did I know that it was not the comic book store that was their destination, but rather, the Hallmark store where they got my first Mother’s day card, as well as Elissa’s Mother’s Day cards. Too cute! And THEN!!! On Mother’s day, Anthony got up really early, got dressed, and left the house. I was still asleep! I never knew he was gone! He came back from his little trip to Trader Joe’s with flowers for me and flowers for my mom. They were waiting for me on the table when I woke up! Oh – and the icing on the cake was my very own copy of Season Three of the Tudors! Woot! Very cool Mother’s day gift!!! I felt so special and so loved! No wonder Mom’s like this day so much!

Anywho – at 21 Weeks, Peep is the length of a Carrot (about 10 and a half inches long!) That is a HUGE leap from that tiny little lentil bean we started out as! And at that size, I am no longer feeling “flutters.” No people, we have moved on to FULL FLEDGED KICKING!!! As in, if I’m staring at my belly long enough, I can actually see where Peep is kicking me. Peep has also become rather predictable. I can guarantee you that at around 2pm and 11pm EVERYDAY I will start getting kicked and punched for a good half hour. Also, when I want to sit and relax and watch some TV (so essentially, when I’ve stopped moving and rocking Peep to sleep) I’ll get a good kick or two to remind me Peep is still there. As if I could forget!

The best story I have so far is the second time Anthony got to feel Peep move. The first time, he “thinks” he felt peep move. So when people asked, “have you felt the baby move yet?” his reply was “sort of.” Well not this time! It was around 11pm (as usual) and Peep had started to do the nightly Martial Arts routine. Anthony leaned down to rest his head on the top of my belly. I asked if he could feel anything and he said no. Sad face. And I realized, well duh! You are on the top of my belly! And Peep is somewhere near the bottom. So Anthony rested his head a little lower on my belly, and less than 5 seconds after Anthony’s head was rested comfortably, *WHAM!* Peep kicked me pretty hard, right were Anthony’s head was. He looked up at me with this look like, “was that it?” and I asked, “Did you feel that???!” He smiled and nodded his head. Yup, the kid isn’t even here yet, and has already kicked Daddy in the face. It was funny, and a great feeling!!

Now, we are in week 22. And our produce comparison once again has me turning to Wikipedia. (I don’t have a picture yet – taking it tomorrow, on my 27th birthday!) At 22 weeks Peep is 11 inches long and weighs in at a WHOLE POUND!!! That equates to the size of a “spaghetti squash.” I don’t know what that is… So I looked it up.

According to Wiki: The spaghetti squash (Cucurbita pepo) (also called vegetable spaghetti, noodle squash, spaghetti marrow (in the UK), squaghetti , gold string melon (金糸瓜 (kinshi uri) in Japanese) or fish fin melon (魚翅瓜/鱼翅瓜 (yú chì guā)) in Chinese) is an oblong seed-bearing variety of winter squash. The fruit can range either from ivory to yellow or orange in color or green with white streaks. Its center contains many large seeds. Its flesh is bright yellow, and orange or white for the latter variety. When raw, the flesh is solid and similar to other raw squash; when cooked, the flesh falls away from the fruit in ribbons or strands like spaghetti or cooked shark’s fin.

Here is a picture:

Ummm… guys? That thing is big.

Other updates include eyes! While they haven’t landed on a color yet, they are there! And they can see…the back of the sealed eyelids…but still! oh! And teeth buds! Those are in place now too. Peep pretty much looks today like what he/she will look like on the day peep is born. Just at one pound instead of 7-9 pounds.

Wow. 7-9 pounds of baby. I’ve gained a whopping 5 pounds at this point and feel “big.” I mean, I know I’m tiny and I have a LOOOOOONG way to go. But I’ve never weighed more than 120 lbs before. As I write this, I weigh about 122 lbs. And I’ve got anywhere from 15-20 left to go! I mean, where on earth am I (of all people) going to put that? No idea. I know my body will make room. And I know I’ll gain whatever it is I’m supposed to gain… just thinking that it doesn’t have the room to fit!!! I am not afraid of the gain, at all! I’m actually kind of excited about it. But I already look like a swallowed a basketball. I’m thinking come September, I will look like I swallowed a Yoga Balance Ball. Hahaha. That vision is just hilarious to me.

But I digress. Everything is looking great! The Doctors did another ultrasound! And at 20 weeks, Peep weighed in at 14 ounces. I asked what “average” was for 20 weeks. And the tech looked at me and said, “14 ounces.” Hahaha. I’ll take that as a good sign. They said everything looks great! When we get our scanner up and running again, I’ll post those pictures. Until then, consider yourself up-to-date!! Woot!!!