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HI All!

So, watch the video to get the whole story, but I’m trying something new. Actually, I”m going to be trying a lot of things “new.” I’m on another journey, peeps. This one, 100% about me. I’m trying my best to find out what my passions in life are. I’m in one of those dreaded ruts (sort of an early onset midlife crisis, but I don’t like to label things…) and I have to get out of it before I go crazy.

I started up a YouTube Channel of my own. Username: Jenfrancis83 and I’m using it as a sort of Video Diary. I’m going through something that I’m sure everyone goes through at one point or another. I’m questioning decisions I made early on in life and wondering what would have been had I kept with those childhood “What I want to be when I grow up” ideals, instead of joining the masses in the 9-5 workforce. I’m trying to fill the gaps in an otherwise happy existence and find ways to fulfill my heart, as well as my bank account. 😉

Feedback is, as always, welcome if it is positive and helpful. And this time I really want to hear from my readers (or rather, watchers, this time). Have you been where I am? What did you do? Where do your passions lie? How are you making your life a happy one? I want to know.




11 thoughts on “Blog to Vlog

  1. Tracy H says:

    Jen, while I am no longer a young mother (I was never a young mother) I went through a similar time after Andrew was born. I thought I was going to be a stay at home mom but found I was not happy in that role. I loved being with my son but soon realized that our time together was better after I put him in day care and we had some time apart. He had experiences that I would never have been able to provide for him at home, and I was happier going after my dream of being a psychologist. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START SOMETHING NEW!!!! You could be a drama teacher, or drama coach, or start acting in plays in the local theatre group etc. Not staying at home with Abby will not be detrimental to her as long as she has a place to go to where she can grow and have new experiences. Quality not quantity! Stay at home mothers certainly have a positive impact on their children but so do mothers who chose to work. Do not feel guilty. If you are not happy staying at home, as I was not, staying at home out of guilt will not help Abby. I may not be able to help you with your passion but there are those who can. There are life coaches that help people find out what their passions are. You might try to start there. Good Luck. Keep searching.
    Tracy H.

    • Thank you, so much, Tracy!

      “Staying home out of Guilt.” That hit me, hard. You are so right. I love Abby SO MUCH. But I’m learning that I have to love myself before I can love her to the fullest. She is such an amazing and independent girl. She already does fine without me for stretches of time. But I feel so guilty leaving her with others, because its “my job” to raise her. It’s so nice to be reminded that I don’t have to be with her 24/7 to be the primary one (or two, because Anthony counts!) raising her.

  2. I can completely understand and relate to this. I’ve had lots of jobs that I was good at, but never anything that I was passionate about. I went to school for something that I loved and once I was done with school I wasn’t as passionate as I once was. I didn’t think I was good enough at it to do it professionally and the professional aspect somewhat took the enjoyment out of it. I’m not nessesarilly unhappy with the job I have now, but it’s just a job. Growing up I wanted to be a wife, a mommy, an actress/model, a singer (which I have absolutely no talent at), and a kindergarten teacher. I’m already the first of these things, working on the second, the actress/model and singer things were just childhood dreams. But I would love to be a teacher. But it seems unrealistic at this point in my life. Can I really go back to school and get my teaching credential when I never even finished my general ed? How can we financially manage it? And if we could, would I be able to manage working full time and going to school? Would it truly make me happy or do I just think it might? Is it something I would really love to do? I don’t know. Would it give me passion in my career? I don’t know. I feel like I should have figured this all out years ago and I should already be doing something I’m passionate about.

    I wish you the best on your journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes you! Maybe it’ll give me ideas and motivation to find my passion career wise!

    • HI Amber!

      I’ve been hearing that a lot: I didn’t think I was good enough to do it for real.

      I’m sort of done with all of these incredible women holding ourselves back because we might fail. You and I are bright and we have work ethic. If being a teach is what you want to be, I say go for it! I’ll support you in whatever way I can. Let’s keep talking, Ok?

  3. Denise Perez says:

    You should really get in touch with my sister. It sounds like you two are going through very similar kinds of times! She needs an ear (other than mine hee hee) and also would be a great sounding board for you too, as well.
    Let me know if you’d like her info. I think you two could really be helpful to each other! Take Care and keep smiling! :]


  4. oh my word, girl. We need to get together.. I totally feel you on all these 🙂 I REALLY miss voice lessons, for one!
    My current job makes me so unhappy – like tears on the way home, unhappy … so my hubs and I are figuring out what we can financially manage. If I need to find another fulltime job, parttime job, no job, etc.
    We’ll see.
    thinking about you

    • Now that you are back in SCV, we have no excuses. You are close! We should get together.

      I know this is “sales pitchy” but it comes from a place of real concern: You and I are good in front of a crowd. It’s why I do so well with The Pampered Chef. Ever think of doing something like that? It would afford you the time to work on other things, and won’t leave you crying at the end of the day. Let’s get together soon and talk. I’ll say a prayer that things get better. Tears on the way home is no way to live.

      • You’re sweet. I actually *did* think about it after your recent post, but I’m not social enough to actually book any parties. … We’ll see. We’ll talk.

  5. While our everyday lives play into our immediate happiness/unhappiness…we as Christians need to remember that our true happiness comes from the Lord. We all go through rough patches but the key is to open yourself during them to His plan, so that you can learn what He is trying to teach you. Through submission to Him we find that ultimate happiness. So, in short….don’t forget to pray about all this too!! Work on this w/ Him, not alone! 🙂

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