October in a flash

I still can’t believe I haven’t been able to make the time to blog about OCTOBER!!! And with each passing day, the stuff I wrote before was less and less relevant. So, here it is – a recap of October in a flash, with a few pictures that I love thrown in.

Drum roll please:

The first weekend I had a Pampered Chef Event that required my SIL’s help, so the boys (Anthony and his brothers) took the three kids to the Zoo. It was Abby’s first trip and she seemed to have a blast! And during that trip, Hubby took what is easily the BEST picture of the three musketeers to date:

Aren’t they adorable? I know I’m biased, but seriously people – those faces make my heart melt.

Anywho – that same day was their cousin’s 4th birthday! So we all went to celebrate at a children’s museum in Oxnard. Abigail had a blast! We played and ate and had a great time with the family.

Rowing a boat with Daddy and Uncle Phil

Pretending to be captain of a submarine

Getting in some good playtime with her cousin, Kyle.

Unfortunately, that was really all there was to report for the first bit of October. Because as fun as the museum was, both Abby and Max got sick and were out of commission for about 2 weeks. It was the first real illness Abby has had since her bout with RSV in January, and it had me worried because we did need to use the breathing treatments again, but she bounced back just fine and we had a fabulous end to October.

Here are some pictures of the three cousins helping their Teta (Anthony’s Mom, their Grandma) in the garden in our backyard:

Laila showing off the watermelonAbby playing in the dirtAll three hard at workNear the end of October, we had a chance to take Abigail to Underwood farms to pick out some pumpkins (as the ones in the garden are not big enough to pick yet). My mom got a great shot of her on one of the giant pumpkins reminiscent of the one we took last year. It is one of my favorite pictures right now.And, of course, the end of october brings Halloween! Abby got to go trick or treating for the very first time. I was super excited, not only because it is one of my all time favorite holidays that I hope to pass on to her, but because she was well enough to participate. She had so much fun. And she had her first piece of candy – a chocolate lollipop – that sent her on an hour and a half sugar high. It really was a great night.

She was a lady bug, and Laila joined us as a butterfly. Abby was determined to climb the stairs herselfHer very first Trick-Or-Treat with our neighbor, Mark, next door. She was just a tad excited about the whole thing.Probably my favorite picture of the night. Anthony caught a real moment in time on film. My face says it all – that this little girl (who isn’t so little anymore) is incredible. I can’t tell you how special it was to be able to take her out like that. Like any other kid. To treat her 100% normally, and for her to enjoy it as much as she did was a real blessing. I couldn’t have been happier.Well, there you have it! October, the short version. Typed up on the first day (and into the second) of December of all things. I gotta get better at posting! I’m working on Disneyland and Thanksgiving. Promise.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your Holiday season is off to a great start! See you soon!



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