Today I am Thankful For time to play catch-up!

Man oh Man is blogging hard to do when you spend 95% of your time chasing around a toddler! Here we go with the last few days of Thankfulness:

Saturday, 11-12
Thankful for Target
For no other reason than I was able to pick up my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with no problems finding it, and at a discounted price. Happy girl over here!

Sunday, 11-13
Thankful for Rebecca Keenan
One of the best friends a girl could ever ask for!!! I got to spend a WHOLE day with her. We went to lunch, hung out, got nerdy over spreadsheets, talked Pampered Chef Parties, AND she came with us to help out on Abby’s 18 month Photo shoot. Plus, she got to have dinner with the whole family, INCLUDING my nephew, Max, who was here for a few days. Always a blessing to get time with him. The 13th was a pretty awesome day!

Monday, 11-14
Thankful for Monthly Pampered Chef Meetings
We meet as a team, once a month, at our director’s house. We have training, share stories, swap ideas, and get the motivation we need to keep on selling for the month ahead. It is always refreshing and always helpful. I’m thankful for my wonderful team!

Tuesday, 11-15
Thankful for Bedtime Routines
We had a big day to prepare for, and I’m so thankful that the bedtime routine we’ve implemented works! Abby went down for bed with no problems, and slept through the night. She was rested and ready for our special day!

Wednesday, 11-16
Thankful for Sandy and Peggy W.
We got to go to Disneyland today, because a very gracious and benevolent friend got us day passes through her family. Going to the Park these days isn’t high on the priority list as far as cost goes, and to be able to get in those gates and not have to worry about the ticket price was a blessing and a half! It was a VERY special day for all of us, and Abby had a blast. I’m thankful for people who are willing to give of themselves. Full post about our day very soon!

Thursday 11-17
Thankful for my SIL and her ‘flexible’ Thursday mornings
Had a doctor’s appointment that I really needed to go to. Which is SUPER hard to do with a toddler in tow. And Nana and Poppi weren’t available (because, you know… they have lives!) and it was E to the rescue! She has a flexible schedule on some Thursdays so she watched Abby for me in the waiting room for my appointment, and the team that delivered her and saved her life got to see her again a year later. They were thrilled!

Friday, 11-18
Thankful for extra work
I’m out of the office ALL week for Thanksgiving. Normally, that wouldn’t be a huge issue, but since I went down to part-time, I don’t get paid for vacation. Nature of the beast. So that is a week without pay. Worth it, for sure, but still… So I’m thankful that my Bosses are not just willing, but happy to give me extra hours here and there when needed to make up for lost time. Plus, it helps ensure they don’t fall behind while I’m gone. It’s a win-win!

Saturday, 11-19
Thankful for Feedback
This past October, I celebrated one year with The Pampered Chef. It’s been wonderful and only getting better. And this weekend, we celebrated that! My very first hosts threw another party in my honor and let me show my stuff. Many repeat clients over the last year showed up to support me, and we had a blast! But the best part was the feedback. Many guests have seen my shows in the past and every one of them said they were happily surprised at how much I’ve improved over time and how obvious it is that I love what I do. Hearing that was better than any profit that comes my way.

Sunday, 11-20
Thankful for Rain. Real Rain.
I have to apologize to my niece, L, because her very first Horse Riding show got rained out. Please know that I’m not happy about that. But I love the rain. So does Anthony. So to have some REAL rain pour down on us, and to be able to share that with Abigail was so fun. Thankful for little moments to share with her, like that.

Monday 11-21
Thankful for my In-Laws
Packing for a 5 day trip is not easy. And it is time-consuming. Throw an over-active toddler into the mix and lets just say I’m also thankful for baby gates that block her in! But our packing day went much more smoothly than anticipated… because my In-Laws were in town! And they took Abby for the afternoon to visit her great grand parents while we got our stuff done. And in no time flat, we had all of our errands run and all of our items packed (including getting laundry done) and she had a great day playing and getting spoiled by trying peppermint ice cream! Again, a win-win!

Tuesday 11-22
Thankful for Abby’s Easy-going attitude.
I don’t know. We must have done something fantastically humanitarian in a past life. Because on top of having your not-so-average miracle baby, she is one of the most mellow and easy-going babies I have ever encountered. She just makes it work. What ever it is. Today it was a 10 hour drive, plus encountering a lot of “new” family (people she doesn’t remember she’s met before) along the way, and then figuring out how to sleep in an unfamiliar place. And what does her attitude say to me, all day? No Big Deal, Mom. Stop worrying. She slept for half of the drive and played quietly for the rest. She talked to me all day and only cried once during the drive. She stuck close to me and Anthony during our family visits, but didn’t fuss at all. And bed time? Oh yea – she’s been sound asleep since 9 and went down with no issues. Again – no idea what I did to get this lucky, but whatever it was, I’M THANKFUL!



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