Today, I’m Thankful For Pick-Me-UPs and Picture Texts.

I have no idea why, but I was in a BAD mood yesterday. No reason. Just everything from the baby crying, to the dog barking, to the guy who forgot his turn signal, irritated me to no end. I was crabby and snippy and had that “gloom and doom” cloud over my head. And I HATE being in that mood.

But there it was. I simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I mean, it could have something to do with Abby waking up at 4am and not going back to sleep, at all… but it could also have been me. BUT a little pick-me up turned my day around. My Mom was getting rid of some of her Thanksgiving Decorations to make way for new ones. And instead of just throwing them out, she saved them for me! A festive throw pillow, two adorable scarecrows, and a wall hanging wreath of fall leaves made me SUPER happy. And my day started to turn around. It’s amazing what one little positive gesture can do. I’m Thankful for Pick-Me-Ups.

And really, who isn’t thankful for picture texts? I mean, they are just awesome all the way around. But the best part is that my parents have become those technologically savvy parents everyone wants and dreads at the same time. Fortunately, mine fall into the “Cool” category. They text, which makes it so easy to talk to them all the time. But they don’t over do it, and they still call. And they send me pictures! Mostly of Abby when they watch her, but sometimes something funny that will make me laugh or smile.

Today’s text was both. I was worried about the doodle-bug because she curled up on the couch an hour and a half before her normal nap time and just passed out. Snoring even. Wouldn’t wake up if a Fog Horn blasted in the same room (She’s just like her Dad…). And she slept right through her normal lunch time. So when we had to pick her up to get in the car to go to Nana’s for the afternoon, she was less than pleased. Woken up out of a VERY deep sleep, and hungry. My poor parents had to deal with a screaming toddler in the back of the car and I had to deal with that Mommy guilt that makes me want to quit my job and stay home with her just so she never has to wake up from a nap like that again. Plus, I was worried she might be sick, or not feel top-notch and that just makes me nuts.

But to make me feel better, my dad sent a picture text of a very happy Abby in a Costco cart with a Veggie stick in hand, (they were giving them out as snacks) and quite the opposite of the screaming banshee we placed in their car an hour and a half prior. She seems fine. And she ate a large lunch, and is drinking her water. No indications that anything was off.

So we’ll chalk it up to the little princess being just that – a princess – who wanted to take a nap on her time. Not mine. So yes, I’m thankful for picture text messages. And the people who send them. ๐Ÿ˜‰



One thought on “Today, I’m Thankful For Pick-Me-UPs and Picture Texts.

  1. Janelle says:

    Well she did spend quite a few weeks in the NICU…and those mommies there I think infuse the princess syndrome into those babies!!! It’s not her fault… ๐Ÿ™‚

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