First Big Outing

Short post to give you all a sneak-peek of some of the posts I’ll be writing soon. Fall is here, and with it, lots of family outings!

The first one is this weekend. It’s just a family birthday party for her 4 year-old cousin, K. But it’s a BIG deal to us. It’s at a children’s museum here in Ventura and it will be the first family outing we take her on that we will simply let her loose with the other kids. Big milestone for me and Anthony. I promise to take LOTS of pictures and post them. Stay tuned!

Others coming up:
We hope to make it back to the Harvest Festival like we did last year! Yay Pumpkins!
Abby’s first time trick-or-treating! She is going to be a ladybug for Halloween this year!
Thanksgiving in Carson City, NV with her cousins on my Mom’s side that she will get to meet for the first time!
DISNEYLAND!!!! You read that right – we are going to try and take her to our happiest place on earth for the first time. Can’t. Wait.
The Zoo
The Aquarium
Happy Hollow (for you NorCalians – we are coming up for New Years!)
And hopefully many, many more.

What are you and your families up to this holiday season?



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