Abby’s learning curve

Abby discovered, today, that her ability to crawl truly means the ability to travel. I’m in BIG trouble now.

Crawling over the last week has simply meant “moving faster” to get the toy I want. That’s it. Simple and uncomplicated. But, as of late, we have started to see the typical separation anxiety that 9 month olds experience start to kick in. Once I am out of view, and out of ear shot, Abby is fine with (literally) whoever I decide to leave her with. But the leaving part is getting hard. Distraction tactics are in full force for drop offs at Nana’s or leaving her at home with someone else (which currently includes Daddy). So, today when I asked my MIL (Teta as we call her) to watch Abby for me while I went into the kitchen to make some lunch, Little Miss crABBY Pants McGee over there threw a fit and tried, for the first time, to follow me.

We are so lucky – we have this amazing play room/den where all of her toys live, and were we spend easily 80% of our playtime. Until today it has never occurred to her to leave this happy place. Truth be told, I don’t think she understood that she could leave it without assistance. But today, with tears streaming down her chubby little cheeks, she made a break for it. She moved passed the carpet and placed one tiny hand on cold tile flooring. She stopped dead in her tracks. Everything – no more tears, no more cries, and no more movement. Just stunned silence. The change in texture was so shocking that it distracted her completely. She didn’t like it. She retreated back into the den.

I, however, stayed in the kitchen. And over the next 20 minutes, Abby tried over and over again to cross that line from carpet to tile. The first few tries only got one hand out. After a while, she got both hands out. She was pleased with herself and tried one knee. NOPE. That didn’t work. Back to the den she went. Over and over she tried to be okay with the change she was feeling underneath her. And, as all of the learning curves seem to go with her, it was only a matter of time. Eventually we had all for limbs on tile. And she could now see me from the entryway floor. She still didn’t like the tile, but she wasn’t going to let that deter her. She scooted on her butt several feet before I gave in and picked her up. I figured she’d earned the assistance after all that.

As a result, Abby played on the kitchen floor for the first time today, too. She seemed happy as long as she could see me. Little girl is growing up right before my eyes.

So, it looks like Anthony and I will need to make that very first “baby proofing” trip to Babies R Us on Saturday. Joy of Joys. Baby gates, table bumpers, outlet covers, and cabinet door locks are all in our VERY near future. Because, as her therapist predicted, we can already tell the crawling phase won’t last long. Just over one week into crawling for real and she is doing her darndest to stand. We are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a full-blown TODDLER!!! I’m beside myself with pride and an ever so slight amount of fear and apprehension.

Wish us luck, everyone! I promise to keep the video camera charged!



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