Have you seen the Google Chrome commercial called “Dear Sophie” yet? It is SO adorable. It is about a dad who opened up a gmail account for his daughter the day she was born. He has been emailing her letters and photos and videos for her whole life. She is about 5 now, and her email account has hundreds of emails from her Dad that she will get to read and see when she is older. It is awesome!

Anthony’s cousin, Brian, told me about it a couple of weeks ago, when he showed me that he decided to start doing it too. He emails his daughter once a week with a sort of “what’s new this week” email, complete with pictures. I know she will love it later in life.

I am the type of person who likes to stand out and be original as often as possible. But I am also the type of person who knows a good idea when I see one! So I’m jumping on the band wagon. Yup – Anthony and I opened up an email account for Abigail. And we are sending her emails! We will send pictures, little stories about what is happening in her life, videos we take, or just little “I love you” notes. I sent her her very first email earlier this week. I also posted her email address on my facebook wall! Because we are putting our own little spin on this idea.

We want you to email her too! So many of you out there have pictures with her, or of her, that we don’t have so we can’t share them with her. Many of you have stories to tell her or messages to leave her… And Anthony and I have countless comments from hundreds of you that are meant for her to read some day. So, we figured we’d invite you all to shoot her an email. And to keep doing so over the years to come. Then, when she is old enough to use that account for herself, she’ll get to read all of those notes. It will be so cool!

So here it is: (don’t forget the “j” at the end of Abigail!!!)

Thank you to those who have already sent her an email! It is so cool to start compiling all of this for her! And thank you, in advance, to all of you who will email her in the future!



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