My Mommy is a MOMinee!!!

Alright everyone! You know those amazing photos I post of Abigail that you all LOVE to look at? Well, they are taken by the wonderful and talented Brienne of Brienne Michelle Photography. She did everything from our engagement photos and wedding photos all the way up to Abby’s 9 month photos (and we are prepping for her 1 year!)

Bree is hosting her second annual “Mother’s Day Giveaway.” She gives out a family photo shoot to a very deserving Mommy FOR FREE!!! So, my sister nominated my Mom – and rightfully so. My Mom is AH-MAY-ZING.

So, I’m calling in a favor. Please take a second to click here and vote for MOMMY #2 by leaving a comment in the comments section of the “And the MOMinees Are…” post. It would make my very first Mother’s day very awesome if we could get this for MY mom. Thanks everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day to all of you awesome Moms out there!!!



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