Lent Continued…


Big Girl

I am beginning to realize just how attached to Abigail I am. I’m more than positive that every first-time-mom (or dad) goes through this stage where their subconscious convinces us that the best and only place to do our jobs as parents effectively is within arm’s reach of our child.

When we brought Abigail home on the heart rate and apnea monitor, this was actually true. Abigail could not be left unattended for even a moment. Because it was those moments that we thought we were finally safe to wander a bit that the stupid alarm would go off. The first night without the monitor was like the first night most parents bring their baby home from the hospital. It was like having a brand new baby all over again.

After the holidays, we got into a groove. Abigail was sleeping through the night, and we could sleep through, too, without worrying. Finally, after a few months, it was starting to feel like we could transfer her to her crib in her own room. We tried out naps in the crib and they ended up not going so well. She really didn’t like sleeping away from us.

That subconscious mind told me she wasn’t ready. Maybe it was that I wasn’t ready. Who knows? But either way, we put the crib transition on hold for a while. Both Anthony and I wanted to keep her close. And just when we thought we might be ready to try again, we found out we would be moving soon. We thought that trying to transition to a crib, only to change all of her surroundings was going to be a bit too much all at once. So we decided to wait until we were moved in to the new house before getting her to sleep in her crib.

Well, tonight is the night. The very first night she will be sleeping in a separate room, and the first night sleeping in a different bed. I’m anxious and nervous about how it will go. I hope she will sleep through the night. So far, so good. But It’s only 11:23. Wish us luck.



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