Big Girl Part 2


Success! Abby slept the whole night through. She went down around 9pm last night and woke up just before 8am today. There was one point in the very early morning that I thought we had a problem, but we ended up ok. She was crying at about 4am and I thought she had woken up and gotten upset that she didn’t know where she was. She does get upset when she wakes up in a different location than when she fell asleep, and she gets VERY upset when she wakes up from a nap while we are out and about and cannot find me or Anthony right away. I thought I was going to have to pick her up and calm her down and try to get her to sleep again.

I was wrong. She wasn’t awake. She was crying… or rather, making crying sounds. Abigail has, for lack of a better term, nightmares. Short periods of time in her sleep where something is upsetting her. She cries out, she squirms around, she can even produce tears… but she is totally asleep. And the doctors say to leave her there. If she can sleep through it, she won’t remember it. It will be like it never happened! And it’s true. So while I have to fight the urge to rush in and scoop her up, we’ve learned to wait and watch.

So, at 4am, I watched her cry and wiggle and I waited to see what happened. Within about 6 minutes, she stopped. She was sound asleep, and smiling. What a goober. Scaring me for nothing. I tip toed out of her room and crawled back into my own bed. She woke up on her own just before 8am, and started to talk to her mobile and her feet, as she always did in her bassinet. My happy baby girl.

So, there you have it. We got through the night unscathed. Apparently now, she was ready. And so were we. Cheers to yet another milestone for my amazing baby girl.



2 thoughts on “Big Girl Part 2

  1. Janelle says:

    Video monitor? I hear they are lifesavers and parents don’t know how they got by with just the sound ones. Kristina has one and she often records video from it because Emma does the funniest things in her crib when she is all alone. 🙂

  2. We’ve thought about it, but I honestly don’t think that I would ever be able to watch her struggle like that from another room. We’ve had it happen where she does wake up sometimes and that is the worst. I’d be so upset with myself if I wasn’t RIGHT there when that happens to scoop her up and make it better. Not to mention if we had a video monitor, I’d never get anything done! I’d just sit and watch her sleep all night!

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