The Truth about Motherhood


I’m just going to say it. I have THE cutest daughter on the planet.

*Whew* Glad that’s off my chest.

Hehehe. Biased much? Why, yes. Yes I am. It is so funny how motherhood taints your vision. I mean, in my eyes, Abigail is literally the end all, be all of cute/pretty/precious. No one tops her. And it is only my compassionate heart and good manners that save all the other mothers of 10 month olds from learning the truth, thankyouverymuch.

Of course, I’m kidding. And of course I know that EVERY baby is beautiful. But it is funny how your mind works once you become a parent. I have always known that your heart just makes the room to love a child when you think you have no room because you love your spouse with all of your heart. But, just like you simply don’t understand what love is until you find the one and “just know,” you can’t understand just how much you can love a child until you have one.  And the truth about my title of “Mother” is that I love Abigail more than life itself. More than I ever knew was a possible capacity. And it’s amazing. Simply amazing.



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