Settling In


Day one of living in a house versus an apartment and I can’t tell you how different things are! I mean, Anthony and I have lived in a space as small as 925 square feet! So it seems like we’ve gone from a shoe box to a mansion overnight.

It’s so funny how much stuff you don’t realize you have until you move. Anthony and I don’t have a lot of stuff by normal standards. 2 Adults, 1 baby, 1 dog. And all of our worldly goods fit nicely in the back of a 14 foot U-Haul. When it is all in boxes, it looks like SO MUCH STUFF. But now that half of it is unpacked, I’m realizing that we don’t have what it takes to fill a space like this. Hahahaha. Oh well, less is more, right?

We’ve started to put things away – the kitchen is totally unpacked! And all the boxes are at least in the right rooms. The furniture (which looks so sparse in our HUGE living room) has found their new homes and it is starting to look like people live here. I can’t wait to get pictures and artwork up on the walls.

Abigail is adjusting nicely. She’s gone right to sleep with no problems in our new bedroom. We’ll see how sleeping in her own crib will go in a few days… Lots of transition for such a little girl. She seems to like everything a lot, though. She likes the kitchen counter because it is a good height for her to stand on. She likes the living room because of all the sunlight. And she really likes her bedroom.  It is so colorful and full of all of her favorite toys. She sat in her crib with all of her stuffed animals and played (while I supervised) totally by herself for 20 minutes today. I was so impressed.

One of the best things is the driveway. Both cars fit really easily into it. It is a little oversized, which is great because we have an SUV. There is lots of parking around, so multiple cars can be here at once. And we can wash our cars in the driveway! We were not allowed to do that at our last 3 apartment complexes. So, that is a big deal. I wandered down the car care isle at Target today just to get a feel for all the fun times we will have this summer. It is going to be great! It really is about the little things! Oh – and we got Abigail her very first pool accessory today! We got a Speedo Brand infant flotation device. It is green and blue and has little dolphins on it – and it has a canopy for shade! It is the only one we could find that holds 6 month sized infants (everything else was only safe for 9 month sized infants) so it was a must have. We can’t wait for the rain to stop so we can introduce her to her Daddy’s favorite sport! Swimming!

All in all, it’s been a VERY long weekend, but we are doing well and settling in nicely. Can’t wait to show it off when it is all done!



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