We’ve seen some incredible cognitive development in Abigail over the last week. We have always seen new things on a daily basis, but this week has been big.

It took Abby quite a while to master the art of reaching for things and grabbing them. It was the first area that we saw any kind of delay (other than the delay of her corrected age). She found it quite frustrating to understand that she wanted the toy in front of her and not be able to get it. You could see it in her face that she was trying so hard, but getting her hand to move where she wanted just wasn’t computing.

She finally figured it out a few weeks ago, and has been a grabbing machine ever since. But this last week, it hasn’t just been taking a toy we hand her. She has been actively and even aggressively seeking out toys out of her reach and finding a way to get to them. She is grabbing everything in sight! It’s pretty neat!

With this development, we’ve seen other things move along, too. Like her speech. As many of you who have met Abby know, she has been “talking” for quite a while. But it’s been almost all vowel sounds, and it was just to make noise. But now, she is talking for real. While there aren’t any words yet, she is talking up a storm. Vowel sounds, mushed together with some consonants. So far we’ve got the “G,” “L,” and “H” down pretty good. And occasionally we get a “D,” an “M,” or a “B.” And the sounds are no longer random babblings. She talks directly to someone or something. She looks directly at whoever or whatever she is talking too… and she talks to almost ALL of her toys. And she responds, with eye contact, when you talk to her.

But the best part is that I CALLED IT!! “Hi” is going to be her first word. It is really the only word she can actually say. And she has said it now, in context. Her Jido (Grandfather in Arabic) said, “Hi Sweetheart” to her over the weekend, and she looked right at him, smiled, and said, “Hhhhhhiiiiiiii.” We were stunned. As of today, it is still a “fluke” as she has yet to do it again. But as soon as I can get her to do it a second time, it is officially her first word. Needless to say, I’ve been saying, “Hi” to her way more than any other word. But it’s on the tip of her tongue, and I can’t wait to hear it again!

She really is incredible. The developmental age of a 6 month old and learning to speak, sit, stand, and even take assisted steps. I’m in awe. And I just can’t wait until tomorrow and every day after that, just to see what she comes up with next!



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