Top Shot

Have you ever seen this show? It’s on Tuesday nights on the History Channel, and Anthony and I LOVE it!

The show is about 16 of the best sharp shooters in the US coming together to compete in every weapon you can think of for the title of “Top Shot.” Top Shot doesn’t mean you are the best pistol shooter, or best sniper, or best trick shooter… it means you are the best at ALL  of them. If you know anything about competitive shooting, you know that most shooters specialize in ONE weapon. But to win Top Shot, you’ve got to be the best of them all.

Tonight was about being the best trick shooter. They set up some of the most famous (or infamous) shots, like shooting a corn cob pipe out of someone’s mouth, or shooting two objects at once. Tonight’s elimination challenge was shooting 6 bottles, 35 feet away, UPSIDE DOWN! Holy cow! They’ve also done cross bows, rapid fire arms (like a Tommy Gun) and even the Tomahawk. You really have to know your stuff.

I know most of you wouldn’t peg me as a fire arms fan. But I am! Anthony is, too. He’s been hunting with his dad and brothers from an early age, and I find the skill fascinating. I want to go shooting at a range. Anthony is going to teach me. I think that is going to be really cool, and much more of a challenge than I think it is. I mean, I’m learning that it really is SO FAR from “point and shoot.” I can’t even imagine what it takes to do these incredible shots they have to do on this show.

This is season two, and we are totally hooked. We followed season 1 and couldn’t wait for the next round. The challenges just keep getting harder and fancier and crazier. Next week is “Back to Basics” week and they set up a carnival target practice range and shoot everything from moving ducks to soda cans with a rifle. Now that sounds like fun! I love those carnival games, and to do it for real would be a blast!

If you are in to shooting or just like competition shows, you should check this one out.


P.S. I will be without internet from tomorrow until Wednesday. So I will be blogging, but I won’t be able to post until we get the internet back up and running. See you all on Wednesday!


One thought on “Top Shot

  1. Janelle says:

    Ben is currently with my dad in Vegas at the Front Sight School sharpening their Defensive Handgun skills. At least I know I’m well protected. 🙂

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