VooDoo Baby

This little cutie is a key chain that Anthony bought me a few years back. She is a VooDoo Baby, and her body is made entirely of balled up or wrapped up string. I love her. She’s so neat! Plus, if you didn’t know, I’m FASCINATED with the idea of witches and wizards. A witch is sort of my alter ego. I’ve been a different kind of witch for Halloween on multiple occasions, and will continue to perfect the costumes and persona in the future.  That is why Anthony bought me this little gem. He knows how much I love witches.

But the best part about her? Her magical abilities. According to her tag, she can, “keep stupid people at bay, mean people at home, and jerks in the dark!” OMG, I can’t tell you how much I love that! My biggest pet peeve is easily stupid people. Hahaha. She hangs in our living room. She is so tiny that no one notices. But I have to say, she does her job well. 😉

Just another little tid bit into the world of Jen.



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