Prayers, Prayers, and More Prayers

I can’t tell you how many of my prayers over the last 9 months have been for our dear friends, Ben and Janelle.

These two are fierce. I don’t know if my sanity or my faith could withstand everything these two have been through. But here they stand, tall and proud, ever faithful, and ready to just keep moving forward. When Janelle told me in January that her pregnancy had been confirmed, I cried. FINALLY – TEARS OF JOY for my friends. I’ve followed her progress closely, and have kept in touch often to help support them. My prayers turned from that of peace to that of health and safety.

But again, today, I cried tears of pain for these soldiers of life. Janelle called me today to tell me the news: The baby had no heartbeat. I was crushed. I literally felt the weight of this news in my chest. I had no words. Nothing I could say or do would comfort my friend. I felt so deeply sorry. I tried my best to be positive and to find some sort of silver lining to cling to. Of course, there was none in a situation like this. Reality hits you, hard, and it does this ugly little dance in front of you that says – “Nothing you can do about it!” We both agreed – the only way to describe it was, “This SUCKS.”

I waited for Janelle’s post to go up before I posted my own blog tonight. I wanted to ensure she was ready for people to know before I called out to you all. If prayers were ever needed, tonight is the night. Janelle prepares for a DNC later this week, and then has to face coming home from the hospital for a second time without her precious baby. I can’t even begin to fathom. There is no way to “prepare” for that.

Please add your prayers to ours tonight. Please ask the Lord to hold this couple in his grace and to give them the guidance and peace they need to get through the next few weeks, and months to follow. Please pray that there is an end in sight for their suffering and that a family is on the horizon for them. And please, please, please don’t forget to tell the people you love how much you care about them. Abigail looks a million times more precious to me tonight, as I am reminded that we are one of the lucky ones.

Thank you for your support. God Bless.



2 thoughts on “Prayers, Prayers, and More Prayers

  1. Judy Beadle says:

    Jen… I am so glad Janelle has you as a friend. My heart breaks for her and Ben. I pray that God has a plan for them and it is just a matter of time before He reveals what it is. They are deserving of some joy and only God knows the journey they must travel to find it. God Bless.

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