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So, I’ve been going back and forth for quite some time about whether or not I should mention my latest endeavor on this blog. So far, the answer has been no. And the reasoning was because this blog is about me as a mother. It’s about our family. It’s about Abby. It’s about our life together. It is NOT about my work. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is becoming more than just a “job.” It’s becoming more of a mission. A mission to be home with Abigail during the day.

So, I’ve decided to blog about it. Last October, I became a Pampered Chef Consultant. Actually, I meant to become one several months before that. I was supposed to become a consultant on June first, 2010. Well… I sort of ended up in the hospital that day… So we had to postpone. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been loving being a consultant. It’s been a lot of fun! And the perks of getting to use PC products all the time makes me do a happy dance. I’ve been using Pampered Chef stuff since I was about 15 when my Mom introduced me to them in our own kitchen. My shows, and therefore my sales, have been going well. I have a lot of fun with my shows, and my guests are a blast! I’m excited to do my first Bridal Shower next month.

But the best part of it all has been the team I became a part of. My director (the woman who recruited me) has been selling Pampered Chef for 18 years! She is a great teacher, and an Executive Director. She has a team of over 400 consultants! (Wowza!) And on a monthly basis, a handful of us that are based locally meet at her house to learn. We try out all the new products, we give and receive insider’s tips, and we build a support system. Plus, we always eat really good food! It’s awesome!

But I didn’t just join because it is fun and I like the products. Those are perks. I joined because we needed the extra income. Because of Abby’s compromised immune system, she can’t be put in daycare. In time, this will change, but for now it is simply something we have to accept. So this meant I had to go down to part-time work, while my mother watches her (God, bless her!). PC is giving me a chance to help our little family stay afloat.

I’ve learned that the hardest part of being a consultant is getting people to host shows. It’s all about networking, because the “selling” isn’t work. This stuff sells itself – quite literally. I can’t tell you how many people come to a show JUST to get something they’ve been needing or wanting for a while. 85% of people who show up to a show buy something. Over half of the people who buy at a show order at least one item they already had in mind before showing up. The work there is so very simple. The real work comes in getting people to open up their homes. They say it takes about 6 months to really get rolling with a constant flow of succesful parties. And here I am, about 6 months later, looking forward to April because it has the most amount of shows I’ve ever done in one month!

Ultimately, the goal is to only need Pampered Chef, and quit the day job. We hope to have reached that goal by the end of this year. I really think I can do it, too! And that would mean that I would get to stay home with Abigail for good. The dream is to be a stay-at-home-Mom until we are done having kids and the youngest one gets to kindergarten. Then maybe I’ll go back to an office setting…. but we’ll see. If I love PC the way I love it now, I’m guessing probably not. πŸ˜‰

Anywho – now you know. And I feel good that I shared!



3 thoughts on “Pampered Chef

  1. Larissa says:

    Are you still a PC consultant? I am in a similar situation and have been thinking of possibilities to bring in income while staying home. Any advice or concerns with this route? Thanks!

    • Hi Larissa!

      I’m so sorry I never responded. I didn’t know a comment got left! Yes, I am still doing Pampered Chef. I do it as extra cash flow now, rather than a full-time gig. I do about 1-2 parties a month that afford an extra couple hundred bucks of spending cash. I’m working part time, now that my little one is more independent, and in school.

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