Crazy people

So, I’ll admit it. I’M CRAZY!!! So is my friend, M. Because we ventured out into the elements today.

On any other Sunday in SoCal, that would be the greatest idea ever. Because the weather out here is amazing 99% of the time. But today, we got rain. And not SoCal rain, either. Around here, we have a “Flood Watch” on the news when we get about an inch of rain and it’s drizzling outside. But today was REAL rain. Torrential downpour all day. And the wind was high, so it was sideways torrential downpour. Totally NOT something we know how to deal with around here.

But M (Abby’s God Mother) and I have had shopping plans on the calendar for weeks! We are starting to prepare for Abigail’s Baptism and her Birthday celebration (let me tell you how crazy THAT is!) and getting several special outfits for the little princess for upcoming events. We needed to find her Easter dress, her Baptismal gown, and a dress for her to wear to her God Father’s wedding the weekend after her birthday. Plus, we wanted to start pulling together decorations for her birthday and start working on the invitations. That is a LONG list! And we did the best we could.

We started out with a game plan – we felt that to keep Abby warm and dry, we would need to tag team the day. So M was the “Stuff” lady (diaper bag, umbrella, shopping bags, etc.) I was in charge of Abby, her car seat, and the stroller. This system worked really well! We were able to stay pretty dry… or as dry as it was possible to stay. We went to Babies R Us, and it was not raining too hard when we parked. So, we got out of the car, and started to gather everything up  to go in… and as I’m pulling out the stroller, IT. STARTS. POURING. We were both yelling out instructions to one another, M couldn’t get the umbrella to cooperate, and I was doing my best to keep Abby dry. (I succeeded, btw). Once we had everything, we ran for it, with the umbrella turned inside out and everything… We were dripping wet and panting by the time we made it inside the store… but Abby was dry (and looking at us like we were crazy) so it all worked out. We had to laugh. We stayed longer than we needed in the store because it was still raining so hard. We didn’t want to have to run like that again!

Once the rain calmed down, we went to a nearby Chipotle for lunch. My and M’s favorite eatery. It was great – we enjoyed our meal, caught up on each other’s lives, played with Abby (who makes new friends EVERYWHERE we go) and geared up to move on to our next location. We headed back to the car, and it wasn’t pouring – just lightly raining. But all of a sudden, the wind kicked into high gear. It blew the hood of my jacket right off of my head! We briskly walked to the car and hurried to get in. In any other situation, I am really, really good about putting the break on the stroller. But in the chaos, I forgot. I pulled Abby and her car seat out of the stroller, and as soon as that weight was lifted, the wind was too much for it. The stroller started to roll away!!!! Oh Lord. I got Abby locked into the base and chased after it. Luckily it didn’t get far. And it was starting to rain harder again, so I threw it in the back of the car and jumped in.

*Whew* Between the classic inside-out umbrella and the runaway stroller, M and I were laughing so hard. It was just too cliche to not be funny. We haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. At that point, we decided to take 2 of our stops off the agenda. We just wanted to get to the mall and stay out of the weather! We headed out that way and were commenting that WE were crazy for going out on a day like today – with an infant, no less. But Abby was having a great time, and we were getting things accomplished, so we found justification. And then, we saw something SO CRAZY we decided that nothing we were going to do today was going to compare. The rain and the wind were at its worst so far for the day, as I was going 55 on the freeway to stay safe and in my lane. And as we are talking, we both had to stop and stare…. because we were passing a guy on a motorcycle. On the freeway. In the pouring rain. He had no protection on other than a helmet and a jacket. There was no wind shield on his bike, no way to wipe his visor. He and his bike were as soaked as the freeway itself, and there he was, just riding along. We couldn’t believe it. We both laughed in awe. I said, “What happens when he gets to where he is going? It isn’t like he can just throw a change of clothes in the trunk!” We were amazed. And glad that it wasn’t us.

We saw several accidents today, and even a tree that fell over in the wind and blocked an entire road! It just kept getting crazier as the day went on. We got to the mall and were relieved to find parking in the garage. We did our shopping and had a blast. Abby couldn’t get enough of the abundance of things to look at. And, other than the elevators that kept trying to eat us (doors closing too quickly), it was an awesome trip.

We got what we needed and came home. M got home safely, and Abby and I spent the rest of the day inside with our toys. Anthony got home from his weekend away with the boys, and she was SO HAPPY to see him. She’s now asleep for the night after a very exciting day and I am off to make her baby purees for the upcoming couple of weeks. It was a great day! And we loved getting a day with M. We miss you, hon.

What did you do in today’s crazy weather?




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