Ahead of the curve

I am happy to report that there is something that we seem to not really have to worry about with Abigail – Vocal communication. It is the one area she is super ahead in for her corrected age. As a matter of fact, she isn’t all that behind her real age! She has the vocal skills of about an 8 month old. And being 9.5 months, that makes for little happy dances from me and Anthony.

It is starting to show, too. Yesterday, I told you about her screaming. But today, the screaming took a slight turn. While the shrieks are definitely still there (and only getting louder as her lungs get stronger) there was something else. Talking! Well, talking as well as an infant can do. No words, of course. But still – communicating.

This morning, Abby “talked” to me for a while. She was saying “Ah” or “Eh” or ‘Eye” in little short bursts. And between each sound, she would wait for me to say something to her. We went back and forth like this for quite some time. It was awesome! Also, she learned how to call out to me, effectively. She was in her jumper, playing with her favorite toy (a ball made up of holes, a few of which are filled with little rattles) and I was in the kitchen, where she can’t see me. She was as happy as a clam, and all of a sudden I heard a kind of scream I’d never heard before. It was not distress, and it was not upset. But it also wasn’t her experiments with volume, either. It was a deliberate attempt to get my attention. I poked my head around the corner to see what was up, and sure enough – she was reaching for the ball – she had knocked it too far away to grab it. And she looked right at me, as if to say, “Mommy! My ball!” I came to the rescue, and she went back to playing. This sequence happened 2 or 3 more times over the next 15 minutes. It was great!

But the coolest communication she did today was the first sign that she really is learning to talk. She was playing with me, facing me, as Anthony walked past us. She heard him and turned her head to follow his movement. As he turned around the corner, to where she couldn’t see him, she called out to him…”Gah!” It was distinct. It was a consonant sound. “G” followed by an “ah.” One word. And she turned around to look at me with this look that said, “Where did he go?!” She called out to him. She called him “Gah.” It was so cool!

I know it will be awhile before “Gah” turns into “Daddy,” but it is so neat to think that we can communicate. She can tell me simple things she wants. It is truly amazing. I’m sort of beside myself about it. And I wanted to share.

Now I want to know what my first word was. Because I am listening, daily, for whatever her first word will be. Bets, anyone? 😉



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