Loser Like Me

Do you watch Glee?

I do. I’m hooked. And not just because these actors are amazing musicians, or because the story is so ridiculously funny – but because I can relate. When I was in high school, I was a Gleek. Actually, I was one of the biggest Gleeks possible. I was in 2-3 different choirs at a time, from the moment I stepped on to that campus, to the performances we did for graduation events in my Cap and Gown. I was on Choir Council, I did set designs for our shows, I choreographed dances for our numbers, I sang solos… the whole 9 yards. And we did everything from sectional competitions, to tours, to showcases, to caroling as we walked as a huge group through our town. Sometimes I think I spent more time singing then I did talking in those 4 years.

All of my closest friends in high school were choir members. And let me tell you, we were dorks. (No offense, because I love you guys!) No, we were never “slushied” but we weren’t cool, either. We weren’t prom kings or queens, we weren’t cheerleaders or sports stars. But I have to tell you that we had more fun as a group than any other team on that campus. Our shenanigans are still talked about. (Shout out to the Lama Farm, John and Kevin’s Jedi/kendo swords routine, Barbershop singing “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego,” Mr, Roboto, the SWAT team movies, just to name a few). We spent more hours in room E-1 than any other classroom. It was our home away from home.

Gleeks were never at the top of the high school food chain. But we had so much fun! And when I watch this show, I laugh out loud all the time! Because, while it is over dramatized, there is truth at the heart of it all. We were misfits, and we owned it. We loved being the oddballs. We loved getting reactions out of others. We had the attitude that, Hey – they were going to look at us funny anyways… might as well give them a reason to. But we also dealt with all the drama, and some teasing, and the life lessons that go along with it all. So Glee is really something I can relate to.

So hearing the song tonight, “Loser Like Me” made me smile. It made me think of all of those moments that we really weren’t the “Cool Kids.” We would stand out on that stage in front of hundreds of students that really didn’t care that we could sing. This show makes me remember why I loved choir so much. It was because we were talented. It was because we believed in each other. It was because, no matter what, we loved what we were doing and didn’t care what anyone else thought. And now, because of this group, I live my life that way as an adult. We had a few Rachel Barry’s in the group, too – people who have gone on with performance in their blood and made a living off of it. They live the dream for me – to shove it in the faces of people who thought choir was just lame. It was the farthest thing from lame. It was awesome! It was one of the most memorable times of my life. And I’m always thankful I was a part of it.

I’m  a GLEEK! And proud of it! (And I miss you guys!)



One thought on “Loser Like Me

  1. Rachel says:

    Shout out to those who took singing to the big time!!! To be honest, it was so much fun hanging with the choir kids, that I didn’t ever really notice how insanely nerdy we all were until I got out of high school. And thank goodness or I may have had a complex about it 😉

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