Confessions of a Disney Kid

So, if you didn’t already know, I’m a BIG fan of Disney. Ok, BIG might be an understatement. I put the “Fan” in Fanatic. Seriously. I’ve been going to the park since I was 2. I’ve had an Annual pass for the better part of a decade. My mother worked for Disney when I was a kid. I’ve been to Club 33 not once, but TWICE. Anthony PROPOSED to me at the park. Disneyland has been a HUGE part of my life.

Being born and raised in Southern California meant that I wasn’t far from Disneyland. When I was little, I simply couldn’t understand the concept when I’d heard of people who’d never been to Disneyland… I mean, what was wrong with them? šŸ˜‰ I remember when we got the Disney Channel added to our cable (back when it wasn’t a basic channel). I was an avid watcher of the Mickey Mouse Club when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, and Justin Timberlake were Mousekateers! My mother was an official Disney collector of both Pins and Memorabilia. We went to conventions and trade events… Disney was just part of the threads of my life fabric.

But my obsession really started in the 5th grade. We were assigned to do a report on famous historical figures from a list the teacher had. I was one of the first students to get my name drawn from the hat, so I could have picked almost ANYONE from the list. When I took a look at my choices, the name Walt Disney stood out among them. I was so excited. I read all about him – his life as a child, stories about him and his brother, how he came up with Mickey Mouse, and how his idea for a clean and family friendly carnival turned into the Happiest Place on Earth. I was hooked. His stories intrigued me, his ideas fascinated me, and his ideals mesmerized me. I had found a new hero. Needless to say, I aced my report. But I also found a gateway into the world of Disney that I didn’t have before. I had found a new perspective.

Over the years I found a love for all things Disney from a historical point of view. I know all sorts of crazy trivia about the park, about the studios, and about the man who created the Mouse. Then, I found a man who shares that love of Disney history with me… and I married him. šŸ˜‰ And now we want to share that love with Abigail. When I let her watch TV, its the Disney Channel or bust. She already has her favorites! When we are able, we will take her to the park to see the wonder of such a magical place. Over the years to come, we will teach her about Walt, and all of the cool little things that make Disneyland so special with the hope that she will grow up to be a true Disney Kid. Just like her Mom.



One thought on “Confessions of a Disney Kid

  1. nancy says:

    Jen, Disneyland opened the year before I was born so in some ways we grew up together. As different as it was in it’s earlier days it still is recognizable and comforting and makes me feel safe. I remember in the early seventies when the Jackson 5 played in Futureland. When I was 13 I helped a friend become class president by suggesting an informal class outing to Disneyland. As a family we would all watch Walt Disney Presents (I absolutely hated it when Michael Isner tried to step into WD’s shoes and do the intros) and my sister and I would watch the Mickey Mouse Club. We lived for several years down the street from his a part of his railroad which had some damage during the Bel-Air fire. And I remember when he passed. I remember the feeling of my stomach dropping because he really did seem like *my* Uncle Walty.

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