Have you ever wondered where people get their nicknames? I hear people use nicknames and always think, “I wonder how that name came to be?” Nowadays, I wonder about what nicknames Abigail will have and why. I am always thinking, “Is this the one that we’ll be calling her for years to come?”

I don’t know all of the nicknames I had as a kid, but the one that stuck was Nifer. As in, the second half of Jenifer. A friend of mine in college called me Skippy (and still does), but Nifer was the one that became “Me.” For my Mom it was Mac, for my sister it was Bug, For Anthony it was AntMan… the list goes on.

Abigail has SO MANY nicknames already, and she isn’t even a year old. The most obvious, of course, is Abby. We like that one, and most of our family and friends call her that. But the cutesy ones, or the ones that manifest out of a trait or a quirk, are the best. Princess, Little Girl, Boogaloo, Boo-Boo-Bear… anything after that starts to sound like baby talk. Hahaha.

But there is one nickname that has emerged that I think might be the one that sticks. When Abby came home, her Tia was calling her Abby-Wabby. Abby seemed to like it. But my Dad, being the play-on-words guy he is, couldn’t just leave it at that. Abby-Wabby became Abby-Mabby which became Abby-Cabby which changed to Abby-Shmabby. That got shortened to Shmabby and stuck for a while. My Dad even had it printed on a key chain!

Somehow, Shmabby recently became Shmabela… and for whatever reason, that one is the one I think will be it. The one that sticks for the long haul.

Yup. Shmabela. hahahaha.

What are your childhood nicknames? And how did you get them?



4 thoughts on “Shmabela

  1. Everyone in my family calls me Nell or Nellie. My dad calls me Lucy, and no one remembers how he picked that. My mom calls me by my name. Ben calls me Babe, I hate when he uses my name.

  2. Lauren says:

    Well as you know I’m also nicknamed Bug by my Aunt, LB from my dad (Lauren Boren) hey it rhymes. 🙂 and most recently Dwayne’s brother gave me the nickname Ralph. Yes, Ralph as in Ralph Lauren the designer. I respond to Ralph now if someone calls me that.

  3. Mary says:

    I’ve had a lot of nicknames, but the one that stuck was Meemo. My oldest niece called me that when she was first learning to talk. Usually it’s Auntie Meemo, but sometimes it is shortened to Meems.

  4. Ruth says:

    Of course, it is always some variation of Foof, Foofie, Foofers. But there’s the spinoff poof, and poofie. I think they all originated from my brother calling me wooth or ooth when he was little.

    But foof, will always stick, and most of my family calls me that more than Ruth.

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