Creme De La Creme

So, you all remember my friend, Janelle, right? Taryn’s Mommy? Well, she led me to this site all about the Adoption, Infertility and Loss community that she is a part of. Every year, this site makes a list of the “Top Blog Posts” for the year about infertility and loss. I read about it and was intrigued because it said anyone could enter.

Janelle entered a post she wrote about the person that Taryn was. Her personality, her quirks, and just how amazing she was while she was with us. It was a wonderful post that had me in tears by the end.

I wrote to the people who head up this list and said that, no, I am not part of the adoption, infertility and loss community. In fact, I’m the exact opposite. “Fertile Turtle” as my father put it, and the Mom of the one who survived. But I wanted to enter the contest anyway – because I wrote a post about Taryn and her passing. They told me that I could enter because the subject matter was right on target.

I didn’t expect much. I’m not part of this community, and there are SO MANY blogs that are part of it. Truth be told, I entered a while ago, and I forgot about it. That is, until Janelle pointed out that we both had made the list! How cool is that?? I’m counted in the top 200 posts OF THE YEAR for this community. I felt honored.

So, I wanted to share it with all of you! You can check out the list here. Janelle’s post is #167, and I am post #170. It was the post entitled, “Walking on Faith” which was rated one of my top 5 posts of the year for 2010. Apparently, I struck a chord. And I’m proud of it.

Thanks, Janelle, for being my blogging buddy and a constant inspiration to me! And Thanks to all of you for reading so often!



One thought on “Creme De La Creme

  1. Julie Mazer says:

    Dear Jen–

    No surprise at all; you are so very special and will always stand out.

    Much love to your fabulous family–


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