Ramblings of a crazy woman

So here I sit, at 11:30 at night, a load of laundry waiting to be folded beside me on the couch, half of our Christmas presents sitting at my feet waiting to be wrapped, and several different Abby items await my cleaning abilities in the kitchen. But am I tackling any of that? No. Instead, I am sitting on the tiny portion of the couch that isn’t taken up by clean clothes and our tiny dog that always takes up more space than necessary, and I’m brainstorming.

For all you moms of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers out there, I’m betting you know the “Brainstorming!” song from Imagination Movers on the Disney Channel, right? Right? No? Just me? Ok… well, anywho, it goes, “There are no bad ideas when you’re brainstorming!” Gotta love that thought.

So here I am, throwing out ideas, both for this blog, and for the future of my writing in general, and seeing what sticks. So then I got to thinking that I need some input. You guys, my readers, are the people who matter most to my writing. My words mean very little if there is no audience to read them. I have no clue how many of you there are out there. The last estimate of regular readers hovers just over 100, but there have been times that we’ve hit the 200-independent-hits-in-a-day mark. That feels so good! When I started this blog it was just for me. One person. And then, I had a small following of about a dozen or so, reading about my adventures here and there. When I started writing about my pregnancy, the numbers upped to about 3 dozen readers. And now, I can’t believe that EVERY time I post, I get no less than 100 of you.

It is obvious why I get those kinds of numbers these days. It is because this blog went from “hobby writing” to “story telling.” This blog has purpose, now. Our Adventures with Abigail are worth talking about. Worth reading about. And therefore, worth writing about. But within that storytelling purpose, I’ve found other purposes, too. Shout out to the moms who read this blog that I’ve NEVER met before but were sent here, specifically to read about a story just like your own. This blog has brought several of us together to find comfort and support. This fact astounds me. This blog is also a center for information! I’m getting a small following of people interested in the research I do on the world of babies and the “stuff” that comes with them. And there is always the Soap Box. Advocacy is a big deal to me, and this blog is slowly but surely becoming a place to learn about preemies and micro-preemies and the road we all travel under that title.

I gotta say – I’m PROUD of all of that. But where do we go from here? Here are some of MY thoughts. I’d love for your 2 cents! (Take advantage of that, people – it’s an offer I don’t give very often!!!)

1) Write a Book. While that will take time, it is something I’ve had several of you ask about, and I’m considering it. Seriously.

2) If I write a book, what would be a better read? Our story in Novel form? Or A compilation of stories and information? Or both?

3) For the blog: More about Abigail and her progress? More about Being the parent of a Micro Preemie? More about the research/info I find? Or do you want the cupcake project back? 😉

4) What about starting a forum? A place where parents and families related to these topics can come and chat, find info, gain support?

5) Would you read this blog if there were more about my whole life and less about Abigail?

6) When Abby is “all better” (as in caught up to her peers and “progress” isn’t needed) what do you want to hear about?

7) What about showcasing other stories like ours? Would you like to read about other Micro-Preemie families and their road, in a “Features” section of the blog?

I’m just looking for ideas. Input. Thoughts from the people who make this blog what it is. Let me know what you think!!!

Thanks readers!



8 thoughts on “Ramblings of a crazy woman

  1. Jacque says:

    Hi Jen! I told Alyse back at the end of July I was a Women’s Studies major in college at UCSB and that I find your blog to be an incredible example of a grassroots feminist movement. I don’t know if you would consider yourself a feminist, but you have given your voice to a story that is not often told. A major feminist mantra is “the personal is political.” You have let a lot of people into a very personal part of your life that not many women, or people generally, talk about. It’s been enlightening, refreshing, and although its been a few years since I’ve seen you, and I’ve never met Abigail or Anthony, I feel personally invested in all of your stories. I am not in a relationship. I am not married and I don’t anticipate becoming a mother anytime soon. But someday I want to be. And you have given me an education that I would be very unlikely to have experienced unless I went through it first hand like you did.

    I vote that you write a memoir. I think whatever you do should maintain the incredible educational bits. Your writing is informative and introduces people to topics that many of us who have not been through what you have would have never even considered as possibilities. Your writing style is honest, endearing and smart and I always look forward to your next blog post!

    • Wow Jacque! Thank you!!!! I appreciate the input, and the kudos! I don’t consider myself a feminist…mainly because I tend to think “Radical” and “Liberal” when I think of that word, and I am far from either. But I do believe in empowerment. Just because I wouldn’t go as far as to say feminist, doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the power of one voice. I prefer to use the term “Advocate” but in the end, it probably ends up being the same. Hahaha. Thank you for reading!!! And thanks for the vote of confidence.

  2. Beckie says:

    I think you should write/do whatever you feel moved by. I enjoy your writing style so I would read if you wrote about bricks because you would make it interesting. You naturally bring in both your personal side and your research as you write because that’s who you are. However, in my opinion, you do need to make sure whatever you write about is something that excites or moves you emotionally because then that will come across in your writing. If you don’t really want to write about it then you either won’t do it or the lack of enthusiasm will come through. So, there’s my 2 cents – not so much the idea type 2 cents, but the supportive, best friend 2 cents type 🙂

  3. I called you even before I read this post. I really believe God is working within us getting us prepared for SOMETHING! Can’t wait to see what it is…..

  4. Taryn Lunyou says:

    Hello, Jen
    I have never replyed to any of the posts. I got to be a part of this thru someone posting Abbys story on FB. I lost a grandaughter 3 yrs. ago. I never got to see her or hold her . I miss her as if i did. Reading all you guys have been thru is a blessing to watch Abby doing so well. I love her pictures . Thanks so much Jen for sharing your life with so many. I say write a book of anykind..many people as you know are interested is her progress, the other micro premmie parents are hoping for their child to have as good od sucess as Abby has had .. Thanks again..Taryn

  5. Julie Mazer says:

    While it was Abby’s story that compelled us, it was at the same time your whole family’s too. And it is your personality, honesty and warmth that makes people want to come back again and again—though that little angel will always be in our hearts. Personally, I want to here again and again about how life is when Abby is “all better.” Just got a Christmas card from our friends who were in the same boat as you some 11 year ago(maybe your dad forwarded the pic I sent some time ago) It thrills me to hear of Cole’s athletic fetes and other “all better” accomplishments. I for one will always want to follow this family’s story…And I definitely think you should write a book that takes the reader on the same ride we all have been on with the blog. It’s something you should do as a gift for Abby, if for no other reason….Whatever you decide, KEEP WRITING!!!! Happy New Year–JULIE

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