All the little things

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope each and every one of you enjoys today for what it is. A time to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for.

I will be honest – this is the second time EVER that I have been away from my family for Thanksgiving. And I miss them. I miss my Dad and his amazing cook-by-science way of doing things. His grilled turkey simply cannot be beat. I miss my sister and her way with all the kids. She has a magic touch, and she makes them all so happy. But most of all, I miss my Mama. She taught me everything I need to know!! How to cook, how to pray, and most importantly  – how to be thankful for the little things! 😉

But as much as I miss my family, I am so thankful to be where I am this week. Anthony’s family has made me one of their own. And, as my Mama taught me how to be thankful for all the little things, being where Anthony is helps me notice them more and more.

I noticed today that the high 40’s, low 50’s weather doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact – I liked it! I’m loving that I can actually have a real conversation with my niece, Laila…At 2 and a half years old. She loves to talk. I can’t believe how well we have been rewarded with Abigail – keeping our faith has paid off BIG TIME. Do you know that she sleeps through the night? Yea – every night for about 2 weeks now. Even in a new environment. And she is so mellow. She doesn’t cry unless there is a reason. I love that.

I’m so excited about traditions, both old and new. An old tradition for me was “holiday outfits.” One grandmother bought our (my sister’s and my) Christmas outfits. The other grandmother bought us our Easter outfits. Every year until I was 18. It was something we looked forward to before every holiday. So, insert new tradition! Easter is an outfit I will be picking for Abigail every year. However, we alternate which family we are with each year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For example, last year we were with my family for Thanksgiving, and Anthony’s family for Christmas. This year, it is the opposite. So, each grandmother will be in charge of Abigail’s (and any siblings to follow) outfit for whatever holiday we spend with them that year. So Teta (Anthony’s Mom) picked out an adorable fall outfit this year. A pink long sleeve onsie covered by a brown corduroy jumper dress with matching pink flowers on it. So cute! And Nana (my Mama) picked out a precious red/white/black plaid dress with a little princess tulle and capped sleeves for Christmas. I’m in love with both outfits and I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am to pass this tradition on to my daughter. Yet another little thing to add my list of thankful things.

There are so many big things Anthony and I have to be thankful for this year. The most obvious of which is our daughter. She is here. She is alive. She is thriving and growing and an answer to so many prayers. She has no idea the huge impact her tiny little self has had on the world. But having so many big things to be thankful for can sometimes eclipse the little things. So today, while we are spending time with some family and thinking of others we can’t be with, I will be doing my best to remember all of the little things. There are so many and they are all so important!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Go enjoy all the little things!



2 thoughts on “All the little things

  1. Julie Mazer says:

    Happy Thanksgivng to your whole wonderful family…And I believe appreciating the little things is one of the secrets to a happy life.

    Much love–


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