Discovery Rocks!!!

I have the smartest little girl, ever!

Ok, ok, ok… I know that EVERY new parent goes through this stage. The one where you think your kid is just THE smartest little one on earth because they just figured out how to _____. Whatever “blank” is.

I’m going through that right now. And the super cool part is that I don’t have just one “blank.” I have several, all happening at once. 2 weeks ago, Abby started to use her hands. For the longest time we have been playing this game with “Jacques the Peacock” (her favorite toy) where she pushes him, he falls over, and then I put him back within her reach. It is so fun to watch her realize that her hand is what is pushing him. She does it over and over and over again. And when I put him just slightly out of her reach, it only took her a couple of tries to realize she needed to reach further to get to him.

Fast forward to the last couple of days, and now she spends far more time moving Jacques around (from his hanging position) so she can see him better. And just yesterday, she grabbed him and brought him to her face so she could put part of his wing in her mouth. So cute, and so neat!! Oh, and she also has figured out how to bring her hand to her face to hold her pacifier in her mouth without me having to put it there for her.

She is starting to realize the toys around her. She grabs her links and her keys. She sticks everything in her mouth. She looks at each individual page of her special black and white books made for newborns. She likes mirrors, and she is really starting to recognize ME!!! She makes the best facial expression when I get my face in front of her. Her eyes go super wide and her mouth makes that “ohhhhh” shape and she stares at me. Her arms start to reach for me. It is the best feeling, ever!!!

She is also gaining a lot of strength. There are several occasions in each day where she can hold her own head up. She also has great control over moving her head and neck. And when we are in Tummy Time mode, she does her little push ups. Occasionally she still does the “face plant” thing when trying to turn her head, but now 85% of the time she is strong enough to turn her head from one side to the other.

And remember a while ago when I told you about her yoga poses and her ability to “crawl” in the NICU? Yea, the whole notion the doctors gave me that she would “stop that” when she grows bigger because she would be “too heavy” and then “forget” is just silly. She does little baby push ups. And when she gets her feet in just the right position, she can totally “schooch.” She has enough coordination to push off with her feet and pull with her hands. And boy does she move! In addition, she is “THIS CLOSE” to rolling over. She rolls all the way onto her side. Honestly, the ONLY reason she doesn’t roll all the way over is because her arm gets in the way. And I can see it now… it is going to happen totally by accident. That arm is going to move spontaneously into just the right place to allow her to roll all the way over. And the light is going to go on and the world of my non-mobile newborn princess will go straight out the window.

Yup. I’m doomed.

But the absolute best, most crazy-awesome thing Abby is learning? When to smile. Oh yea. She is learning social cues and they are manifesting in this amazing, heart-gripping, worth-dying-for smile. She makes this smile when she sees me in the morning. She makes it when we play and I get excited that she did something well, or new. She does it when she gets Jacques in just the right place so she can see him properly. It is by far my favorite thing right now.

The Amazing Abby strikes again! And there is no way she is just 2 weeks old, developmentally. I will explain her “Corrected Age” in detail in a later blog, but essentially we go off of the 40 week mark as what her birthday should be. I don’t know of any 2 week olds that do anything but sleep, eat, and poop. So we’ll have to adjust that corrected age to something closer to her stages in development, but right now… I’m just enjoying every second of being a Mom.



One thought on “Discovery Rocks!!!

  1. Julie Mazer says:

    Oh Jen, this just made my day! In this challenging middle school time, where MY 13 year old baby was told today “people don’t really like you” and a few weeks ago had her diabetes thrown in her face with the comment “At least my pancreas works”, it’s lovely to be taken back to those wonderful innocent days of infant discovery. Abby is a superhero, and I know she will use her superintellegence to do good and right wrong in this world. She is destined for greatness! AND how fun for me to see a bit of your dad in her winsome looks. LOVE to you all– JULIE

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