Baby Francis, From an Avocado to a Bell Pepper

Ok, so my bog neglect is officially over. And in this “make-up” blog, I am covering weeks 16, 17, and 18 (my current week). So here is the pic from week 16 – Easter Sunday:

Shout out and thanks go to my Mom, who found and bought me my adorable Easter Dress. It was so comfy. I look forward to wearing it ALL summer.

Week 16 was a milestone for us. While Peep was growing to the size of an avocado and learning the ability to wiggle and squirm with the best of them, I developed a new ability, too! The ability to feel the baby move. Yup! On Friday, April 9th (16 Weeks, 6 days), while sitting at my desk at work, I felt it – what the experts call a “flutter.” I still have yet to be kicked, punched, or jabbed really good, but the flutters happen every couple of days!

The first flutter was so startling! There I was, working in Quickbooks, totally alone in the office when I felt something 100% different than anything I’ve felt so far. On the lower part of my tummy, just left of center (my left, so your right?), I felt this…stroke… like what it would feel like if I came up to you and ran one finger gently down your arm… but I felt that INSIDE my tummy. It was as if a hand or a foot was swinging around cart-wheel style and rubbed up against me. It startled me! So much so, that I spoke! Literally said, out loud, while looking at my tummy, “Was that you?” (as if it could have been anyone else?) I couldn’t believe it. I did a little happy dance in my chair, and grabbed my phone – operation text Anthony commenced!

We chatted for a few minutes – he was very happy at the news… now he is just waiting until HE can feel Peep move. He’ll be even happier. I quickly texted my mom after I was done texting with Ant, and she was actually near my office!!! So she dropped what she was doing and drove over to give me a hug. We did another little happy dance and were all smiles. It was awesome.

I felt it again a few days later (Sunday) while Anthony and I were at Disneyland, and I feel something similar every couple of days. Always in a different spot. This particular incidence felt as if Peep’s head bumped up against the very top of my belly. Peep is apparently quite a mover and a shaker! Woot! So cool.

Week 17 brought around a Turnip! What an odd size comparison, huh? But yea – Turnip it is. (Sorry – no photo. We forgot.) Peep’s bones started changing from soft cartilage to hard bone (hence why right around now, we start feeling those kicks and punches! The bones are much stronger in the coming weeks!) Other new developments? Peep can start to sweat. Umm… yay?

Week 17 was highly uneventful. I have no fun baby stories or tales of pregnancy woes… so week 17 is short, sweet, and to the point. We (as in Peep and I) both grew. That’s about it.

And here is Week 18’s photo:

While the week isn’t over, I can already tell you it’s story:


When I started this journey, all those new moms out there (and even several of those seasoned moms, too!) told me that the first trimester would be the “sicks” and the “tireds.” And that my Second Tri would bring more energy and comfort. Well, we got sick part covered just fine in the first tri – but other than a few bouts of fatigue here and there, I still had a lot of energy.

Luckily, the “sicks” have gone down dramatically. But yea – my energy is gone! I’m drained. And to top it all off, I’m not sleeping well – so catch up isn’t happening. I actually had an argument with myself (out loud) this morning on if I was going to get out of bed or not. Once I decided that yes, I would, it took another verbal argument to actually make it happen. (Pregnancy seems to bring out my intrapersonal communication skills, apparently. Talking to myself seems to be increasing ten fold!) I had to pull it together and get through work, without falling asleep at my desk, or being a total zombie. I managed, but I was cranky all day. Poor Anthony took it all with a grain of salt and just steered clear. He’s pretty good at the whole “dealing with crazy Jen” thing. Hahaha. But I know he is looking forward to getting regular Jen back in September. Ish.

Ok – I feel better now that I’ve caught you all up. I’m now going to go upstairs with my sister and watch Glee!!! Yay!!!



One thought on “Baby Francis, From an Avocado to a Bell Pepper

  1. Lauren says:

    I love reading your updates. I have always found pregnancy fascinating! I am enjoying the baby size comparison to fruits and vegetables, so cute and interesting.

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