The Cupcake Project, Easter Eggs!

Ok, I know, I know – SUPER slacker over here. 2 weeks! Yikes. Sorry people!

Ok, so here is the blog I was working on 2 weeks ago and just now finished:

The Cupcake Project is back!!!

Yes, folks, we’ve started again. This month, in preparation for Easter, we made Easter Egg Cupcakes!!!

…Well… we attempted to make Easter Eggs. Hahaa.

Our good friends (and will-be-Newlyweds in October!) TC and Jane came to visit for the evening. The boys tried two new types of beer while Jane and I decorated the cupcakes I made before their arrival. I made the FunFetti style cupcakes this time, and they were perfect for the occasion!

So, the story goes that we are SUPPOSED to make the egg shape out of gram crackers and stick it to the top of the cupcake with frosting, then decorate the gram cracker egg, and finish the edges with green frosting to look like grass. But, then, there is me. And I didn’t have gram crackers, so I improvised. I melted decorating chocolate, thinking I could make that into our egg shapes instead… except I burned the chocolate. So I start again. Aaaaaand, I burned it. Again. Yup. Go me.

So, by the time Jane and TC arrived, we had to improvise. So we decided to “draw” the eggs on the cupcakes with the colored frosting, still “finishing” the look with the frosting grass. And this is what you get:

So while no, they look NOTHING like the cupcakes in the book, I gotta say they were the most fun cupcake disaster ever! We were laughing and having a ton of fun at what we were coming up with. And once eggs got boring, we got a little more creative!

A bumble Bee

The Easter Bunny

Even a Peep!!!!

Jane made the Peep just for Peep! Too cute!

The boys even got in on the action! Anthony decided to make “The Universe” on his cupcake:

And TC… well… TC made a cupcake deadicated to the “reason for the season.”

All in all, it was a fantastically fun night. And while the cupcakes didn’t really look like easter eggs, they still tasted really good! Both Jane’s family and my family got to enjoy them that weekend for Easter dessert. 😉

April’s project will be Penguins. Miranda and Alyse are coming over to help! Woot!



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