Baby Francis, comparing Apples to Oranges

Me, at 15 Weeks along. We visited the Santa Barbara Zoo! Beautiful place for pictures.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010)

Um… Folks? How is it POSSIBLY April???? Seriously – just a couple of weeks ago I was telling Anthony, ‘No I don’t think I can drink with you at the Greenia New Year Party because I really think we MIGHT be pregnant.” Hahahaha. April, huh? Wow that came fast.

I’m two weeks into the second Trimester. 15 Weeks along, to be exact. I am feeling SO much better than I was just a few weeks ago. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to feel somewhat normal again. And it is getting harder and harder to hide that bump! Not that I want to, really. I want the whole world to know!

I came across a book not too long ago called “Hot Mama!” (sorry! Don’t know the author! Shame on me!) and I laughed out loud reading it there in the Barnes and Noble baby book section. It was all about how to feel beautiful during your pregnancy. Some of the advice was right on – like don’t be afraid to show off that bump! Don’t cover it with baggy clothes! It is beautiful! And some of it, not so much – like don’t be afraid to let it all hang out…. uh, yea no. While I’m 100% fine with showing off the bump, only hubby and my doc actually get to see the belly for now. No short crop tops for Jen. Maybe a 2 piece bathing suit in late summer, but we’ll see. I’ll make that call later.

I’m taking a leaf from it’s pages, so to speak, and trying to find everything beautiful about what my body is going through. Sure, I could choose to be cynical – “I look fat.” or “My boobs are lopsided.” or “I look tired exhausted.” But we all know I’m really more of a glass-half-full kind of gal. While I have definitely… lets say “filled out” in many areas this teeny tiny woman never really thought possible, I’m proud to say the thoughts of “I look fat” came and went in a matter of about a week. Anthony and I walk twice a week for 45 minutes at a brisk pace to get our heart rates going. Not so much to “lose weight” because we don’t want that for me! But to stay in shape. It will also help me after Peep is here in losing that ever dreaded baby weight. So yea – I’m not fat. I’m just curvy. And my tummy is very round. Hahaha.

Truth be told – my boobs have always been lopsided (TMI, I know – but you are reading MY blog, so get over it). Actually, I don’t know very many women who’s aren’t a little disproportionate. Granted, with the increase in size I’ve experienced, that lopsided-ness is infinitely more pronounced. However, I find incredible joy in the occasional trance I find my hubby in, checkin’ me out when he thinks I don’t notice. (Husbands everywhere – get caught checking out your wife every once in a while. SERIOUS ego booster, and just makes us feel down right gorgeous. Just a thought.)

I’m hoping that my “pregnancy glow” shows through more than the tiredness. I know in my first trimester, that wasn’t so much the case. But now, that glow is pronounced (which is real, folks – if you didn’t know, pregnancy hormones create oils in your hair and skin that literally make us appear shiny) and I look less tired. (I didn’t say I AM less tired – I just don’t have huge bags under my eyes anymore!). I’m basking in the glow. And really enjoying my good hair days! I’m getting more of those than I’m used to!

All in all, I’ve realized my outer beauty in this process is self inflicted. It’s an attitude thing. And boy, do I have a ‘tude! A good one, tho! I’m purposely dressing to feel pretty. I put on a little make-up, I put on jewelry that makes me feel good. Anthony bought me 3 new pairs of shoes (because he has outright forbidden heels for my own safety), and I’m really just all in all feeling MUCH better than I was a few weeks ago. I’m getting to enjoy the ride I’ve been told so much about. Hello Second Trimester! We are going to be good friends.

Belly Shot (because I’m proud of it!):

Ok, on to Peep: 15 weeks shows some discrepancies in fruit-to-size comparisons! One site says Peep is the size of an Orange. The second site says Peep is the size of an Apple. Hahaha, ok, am I the only one to find that ironically funny? Don’t we always say, “You can’t compare apples to oranges” without ever realizing that we actually CAN compare their size? Ok, maybe my preggo brain finds that funnier than you do – but I laughed!

Anywho – Peep’s legs are now longer than the arms. All 4 limbs have working joints. One site says, “Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can’t feel the movements just yet.” Hehehehe. Again, probably funnier to me than to any of you – but if you’ve ever seen me do “The Kermit Dance,” THAT is what I see Peep doing in my womb right now, after reading that quote! (For those of you who don’t know, The Kermit Dance is a moment of sheer and utter craziness were I subject myself to strange looks and huge, belly rolling laughs – I mimic the way Kermit The Frog dances/runs away from danger on the Muppet show. The dance is complete with flailing arms, wacky hands, bobbing head, and really just my whole body wiggling around for other people’s entertainment . It’s funny. Embarrassing as all get out. But funny.)

Anywho – Peep can also move amniotic fluid through her nose in a mock breathing motion. Practice, practice!!! Peep can also sense light now, even though his eyes are fused shut at this point. I’m told that if I shine a flashlight at my belly, Peep will more than likely move away from the beam. Hmmmmm. Gonna have to try that one!! (I’ll have to be covert tho – Ant is still freaking out about the Pillsbury Dough Boy poking I do.)

That is all I’ve got for now! Hope everyone is having a great week! I know I am. Happy preparations for Easter!!!



5 thoughts on “Baby Francis, comparing Apples to Oranges

  1. Elissa says:

    Ha ha! The Kermit dance! I’d like to see you do THAT when you’re 8 months fat. Ha ha. Love you preggo SIL! Keep my niece/nephew happy and healthy!

  2. You’re looking awesome Jen! 🙂 I felt Cam for the first time right around the 16 week mark and I can’t wait for you to experience you’re little wiggly-Peep! 🙂 And as for the exercise – keep it up. It’ll help come delivery time for sure and afterward too. I did prenatal yoga and HIGHLY recommend that for the 2nd and 3rd Trimesters especially.

    PS – I shot a wedding last September at the SB Zoo – isn’t it gorgeous?

  3. Linds says:

    your posts make me so happy! miss you guys. give the belly a soft pat and give peep my greetings… your husband too, i suppose… only punch him. hard. in the arm…. for all the times he cheated at tic-tac-toe… a trait i hope peep does not inherit. 🙂 keep up the posts!

  4. E – Hahahaha – I don’t think it would be safe to do the Kermit Dance NOW, let alone at 8 months fat!!! I think Kermit will be on hold until the holidays.

    Bree – That is awesome! Everything I read says I won’t feel the baby until like week 18-20! I’ll pay attention in case something does happen sooner! I don’t want to miss it!!!

    Linds – Glad you are reading! I’ll give Ant a good punch from you. Hahaha. Miss you too!

  5. Kathy says:

    You look FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts……do try the flashlight….I can tell you from experience that it does work! Can’t wait to see the 3 of you in another week and a half (give or take a day or two) 🙂

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