Baby Francis, The Lemon

(Thursday, March 25th, 2010)

Thursdays seem to be the day for blogging!

Dude – WHAT a week it has been. I’m tired just thinking about it. And then I remember, “oh yea – I’m tired because I actually did all that.” Hehehe.

So Friday night (Technically still part of week 13, but who’s counting, right?) Anthony and I went to Ant’s cousin, Tiffany’s 30th birthday party. It was so cute and so fun. It was Mad Hatter Tea Party Themed and we had a blast with family and a few friends. Ant’s cousin, Lisa, threw the bash. The decorations and food were phenomenal (as usual). I told Lisa that she is essentially my crack dealer when it comes to strawberries. She lives in Ventura/Oxnard (the strawberry capital of the world or something) and has THE best supplier for fresh strawberries daily. Yup – I ate probably a good 2 pounds of strawberries. No joke.

I opted out of dancing the night away with the girls. As much as I like borderline, I like my bed better. I hear they had fun! I’m glad.

Saturday was pretty packed too! We got up and met with a good friend of my parents named Ted. The last time I saw him, I was about 8 years old. His son, Kevin and I were in a wedding together and DID NOT want to hold hands, but did it anyway for Uncle Bob. We must love him. Anywho – Ted helped us with some financial planning (always a good idea!) for the future and Peep’s future, too. It was great to see him again! And I feel so much more ready to take on our finances this year. That can’t be bad, right?

Had a much needed “girls lunch” with my best pals, Elissa, Beckie, Becky (yes, there are 2 of them), and me. The 4 of us were roomies in college and we are still very close friends. It was great to get away from everything and sit and chat and catch up on everyone’s life. We walked around the mall (which I shouldn’t have done in flip-flops – lesson learned) and tuckered myself out by dinner time.

We had dinner with Ant’s Fam, as his parents were in town. That was… eventful. See, the biggest “issue” with week 14? Pregnancy induced Allergies. Yup – they SUCK. I don’t usually have to deal with allergies. That’s Anthony’s thing. But no – this year, not only do they effect me, the have essentially taken over my life. Bah! Anywho – Dr. David says I can take over the counter claratin. Linda, Ant’s mom, just so happens to have brought Anthony a bottle of that. I’ve only ever taken claratin once or twice in my life, but somehow I don’t remember it being an issue. I forgot that they aren’t coated. I forgot that they dissolve quickly on purpose (to get into your system faster). I forgot that water is really not something I should be using to swallow pills…

Back it up, people – Jen fact #48 – I was 18 and in college before I could properly swallow pills. Yup. I was THAT kid – the one who’s Mom had to crush up pills into powdered dust and put into ice cream just so I’d get whatever meds I needed. And I choked on even the smallest of pills (like sudafed? come on!) whenever my dad tried to “teach” me how to get them down. I don’t know what happened in college that made it so I could suddenly swallow pills, but it made taking my daily vitamin SO much easier.

Criteria for Jen to swallow a pill (Gosh, I’m realizing I’m demanding…): Don’t talk to me. Non-water liquid goes in my mouth first. THEN I pop the pill (I know that sounds backwards, but it works, so whatever). I throw my head back and swallow.

Ok, so – first mistake with the claratin – I used water. Second mistake with claratin was not “knowing” it dissolves that fast. I couldn’t swallow it in the first try, so drank more water with the pill in my mouth and by then it was dissolving. Bleh. It got caught in the back of my throat, and I choked on it. Well, then, of course, I threw it up. Yea – pleasant. And I wasn’t even at home! I was at my Brother-In-Law’s house on their couch. Kudos and props go to my MIL, Linda, and my SIL, Elissa for helping me. Linda was RIGHT there with a towel. Puke didn’t phase her at all – just got in there and helped me catch it all (luckily, it was just water and dissolved claratin, so it wasn’t too big a deal). Elissa was right there to take the water glass out of my hands so I didn’t drop it and knew right when I needed it back to get the taste out of my mouth. Thanks for the help, ladies!

Needless to say I didn’t try again right away. Finally was brave enough to try again before bed. Used orange juice and got it down on the first try. Thank you, Lord! It helped me sleep. Yippie!

Sunday, we had to get up and look nice – we were being received as new members of our church and had to go to an earlier service than normal. Boo on the no sleeping in. Yay on the warm welcome we got! Anthony took me out to Eggs N things for brunch afterward. That was so wonderful (props to my hubby for being willing to take my crazy pregnant self out to eat!). We only waited 5 minutes to be seated (a record) and the service was just as good as the food.

I came home, napped, and got ready for Anthony’s Grandpa’s 80th Birthday Dinner Dance. It was so nice. The whole family dressed up and there was a live trio. Lisa once again supplied me with more strawberries than should be allowed, and we had a great time. While I cannot take ANY credit for actually helping to clean up (I was told to sit in a corner and not get in the way), Anthony and I stayed until almost 10pm for clean up. Anthony did his fair share of the clean up by way of moving chairs and tables and boxes. I did my share by not impeding anyone else’s cleaning. Hahaha. But by 10pm, I was exhausted. I didn’t get to bed until after 11, allergies had sunken back in, and I knew I had to get up early to take Ant to work. Oh, my bed, how we never have enough time together. :0(

This week as been normal. Monday was hectic, as I was helping to get my bosses ready for our big trade show. They have been there since Tuesday, while I hold the fort down here. Allergies have progressively gotten better, but mornings still suck my big toe! Tonight I am out with my mom, looking at rocking chairs for the nursery (among other things) at Babies R Us. I can’t wait! Tomorrow, we have a jam packed evening which includes a trip out to SCV to meet with our wedding photographer and finally get our album! So excited. And then a jam packed weekend, this time around with my family instead of Ant’s usual suspects.

*whew* Like I said – makes me tired just thinking about it. And the allergies just make it that much more… tiring. But I’m getting through it. Suck it up, Jen! Suck it up! (My pregnancy motto).

Well, now that I’ve fully debriefed you on my weekly itinerary (why was I compelled to do that?) I can move onto Peep’s weekly update. Week 14!

This week, Peep can show expressions! All the tiny muscles in Peep’s face can now contract and we may catch a smile or a squint on our next ultrasound. Personally, I”m hoping for more dancing baby, this time around with Peep’s toungue sticking out at the world in jest at having his picture taken before she can consent to it. But you know, a smile would be cool, too. 😉

Peep has reached the size of a lemon and is starting to grow Luango – that is hair that covers the baby’s body for warmth. It will all fall off before birth, but it’s still a cool milestone.

Update on Mom: I have moved from regular pillow to the Snoogle. Anthony has a serious love/hate relationship with that pillow. He calls it my “staple” because that is what he thinks it looks like. For those of you who don’t know, a snoogle is a pregnancy body pillow designed to help support a growing belly and help preggo moms get the sleep they need. Man does this thing work! I love it. But, as Anthony will tell you – it is as big as I am. Meaning that now, every night, our bed consists of 2 people, 1 17 lbs chihuahua, and one giant staple. Hahaha. It’s a little crowded. But I’m sleeping well, so he’s sucking it up.

I had my first real craving yesterday. No, Alyse – I’m sorry – it wasn’t a pickle. If it was, I would have called. Nope. Wanna know what MY first craving was for? Ice Water. Oh but wait – not just ANY ice water. No, no, no. Specifically, McDonalds Ice Water. Yea – weird. Had to have it. Tried to suppliment with arrowhead water and ice from work, and it actually tasted bad. ???? I don’t get it. We ended up eating dinner at McDonalds, but really – I wanted nothing to do with the nuggets or the fries. I drank 4 cups of their pre-chilled ice water and found happiness. Cravings are just weird.

Time for bed, people! I’m exhausuted!



One thought on “Baby Francis, The Lemon

  1. You look adooooooooorable! 🙂

    I ate ice and had ice water (or ice tea) CONSTANTLY. Of course, I found out later that the cravings for ice tend to coincide with anemia (which I already knew I had), but still. 🙂

    You’re doing great! 🙂

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