Baby Francis, The Peach!

It’s official. I’ve failed!!! For the first time this year, I missed a week of blogging, which technically means I’m not going to meet my blogging goal for the year. And the worst part? I honestly STILL can’t find the motivation to finish last week’s blog. I mean… I will. Because I’m just like that… but between allergies and fatigue, I seriously had to force myself to even start the darn thing, and just couldn’t find it in me to finish on time. So here it is – a little late is better than never. I hope you’ll forgive me, and let this one slide, especially because I didn’t just forget about it. And I promise a better “14 week” blog – lots to tell you on that one!

(Thursday, March 18th)

Guess what, folks? As of today, we are officially 6 months away from our due date.

YAGADA-YAGADA-YAGADA (head shaking, doing a double take). Really? How is that possible? 3+ months – GONE! Seriously, people – we are past the point of no return. This is happening.

While I knew literally THE DAY we conceived, sometimes I think it still hasn’t really sunken in. I mean – one would have thought that it would have “sunk in” when the test read “Pregnant.” Or maybe when the morning sickness set in. Or maybe when the jeans didn’t fit anymore. Or maybe that first picture where the bump was actually showing. But no – I really honestly still have moments where it hasn’t sunken in. Moments were I could swear to you this was all a dream.

But then, Anthony and I got to hear, hands down, THE BEST sound in the whole wide world. (No arguments here, people. It just is.)

We got to hear our baby’s heart beat. *sigh* *tear*

On Tuesday of last week (sorry I haven’t updated you sooner) we saw Dr. Jidali for that super sensitive ultrasound I told you about. Little did we know that we’d be seeing things as cool as this:

(Dr. Jidali calls this “Dancing Baby!”)

And then, there was this really strange sound that was going wooooshwoooshwoooshwoooshwoooshwooosh and the little sound wave was flexing across the screen and the tech goes, “That is your baby’s heartbeat! Clocked in at 156 beats per minute. That’s great!”

I can’t tell you how I felt. There are no words. Anthony and I sat there absolutely awestruck. It gave us more than any of those pictures ever could. It was like the very first tangible thing we have of our child. A heartbeat. A sign of life. An incredible miracle inside me that pulled my husband and I closer together than we’ve ever felt. Anthony squeezed my hand at that moment and I held back a tear. And only then did it actually “sink in.” This is REAL.

I still can’t believe how much time has passed, though. Reality or no reality – how the heck is it the middle of March already? The middle of March marks another milestone for us –  this is the 13th week!  That means I’m officially in my second trimester! Woot! 1/3 of the way done.

Onto the Baby update: Peep is the size of a peach, but other than that, nothing much has changed. All is healthy and good, and our doctors are happy. So we are happy. Sorry the update is so lame – but really, that is all that has changed.

And here is one of Anthony’s favorite Ultrasound pics (He doesn’t like the 3-d Ones, which I call alien Baby. Hahahaha.)

Check out how big Peep’s gotten!!! Craziness.



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