Baby Francis, The Lime!

Monday, March 8, 2010 (Picture in a blog later this week)

12 weeks! Can you believe it? This coming Saturday, March 13th is a BIG day!!! Besides being my adorable Nephew, Max’s 1st birthday (such a big boy!) it also marks the start of my Second Trimester.


Ok, so according to everything I’m reading, Peep is the size of a lime. Think about that for a second… I mean – a lime! That is so tangible. Half of you right now could go over to your fridge, open up the fruit drawer and pick up a lime. (I suggest that if you can, do so!) Can you imagine? A tiny little person, the same size as that lime is living inside my belly. Peep is fully developed as far as body parts go – organs and tissue, appendages, nervous systems…. they are all in place and ready to simply grow to the right size. I can’t tell you what that feels like – to know that my baby is already starting to actually look like me, or like Anthony. That Peep is already developing into the baby and the person he or she will be in the years to come. And I hope beyond hope that when this baby is 20 and I hug him/her, I remember what it felt like to pick up that lime and think – WOW. This is what my baby is like RIGHT NOW. So cool.

Other updates, Peep is moving!!! I mean, I can’t feel it at all. Peep is too small to actually have his/her movements impact my reflexes. But “they” tell me that Peep can now open and close his hands and stretch her back. Oh, and in true baby fashion, Peep may already be sucking his/her thumb. Peep’s lips are developed enough to make a sucking motion, and thumbs are about the only thing around good enough for the job! Peep is kicking, too!!!! This, to me, is not surprising. Daddy is, after all, a pretty great soccer player and swimmer!!! Kicking is in Peep’s genes.

Also cool is that Peep’s eyelids are fully developed and can close. As a matter of fact, when they can completely close, they will – and they will stay that way for the rest of the pregnancy. Almost like sleeping for 6 months straight! (God, I wish!)

The BEST part was reading that if I poke my belly (like Pillsbury Dough Boy style), Peep will respond by squirming around! (Again, I can’t feel it – just have to believe this to be true). I HAD to show Anthony, right away. I went up to him and said, “Watch! If I do this (insert dough boy giggle here) then Peep can feel it!!!” I was so excited. Anthony, however, was like – “Don’t do that!!!!!” He got all freaked out, like I was hurting Peep or something. I told him it was fine, but he wouldn’t have it – stop that! Don’t do that! Leave Peep alone!!!! You are gonna squish Peep! Hahahaha – Daddy is already VERY protective. It’s a good thing. But still super funny.

Alright – are you all ready for the 411 I so DIDN’T need to be told? I mean, why do these books and updates tell us things that we seriously could have gone an entire lifetime without knowing? But since I know, now you all have to know. Get ready…

One of the bodily functions that started kicking in this week? Urination. Ok – cool. Baby can pee on its own. That is a good thing. But then you gotta wonder, where does all that pee go? I was blissfully happy thinking something TOTALLY impossible – like it evaporates. Or maybe something a little more probable, but still unlikely – maybe it mixes with my own fluids and I’m not only eating for two, I’m peeing for two. Nope. Both answers are utterly incorrect. You wanna know what happens to it? NOTHING. It sits there. In my womb. Mixing with all the other fluids that are already there, and it will stay there until September. Yup – gross. I will have baby pee in my belly for 6 months. And the volume will only increase. bleh.

Yup – TOTALLY could have gone this entire journey without knowing that golden nugget of info! But alas, I read EVERYTHING so there you have it. According to all the experts, it does not harm the baby in any way. I believe it – because it turns out that it’s not exactly a new phenomenon – it’s been happening since the VERY FIRST PREGNANCY AT THE DAWN OF MANKIND!! And we all survived it. But Ewww. To think my poor little Peep is swimming in something that, when he or she arrives, I will be instantly cleaning off his/her precious skin several times a day is just…. gross. And then to think – hey! I went through that too!!!! That is just as gross.

So there you have it, folks – the tidbit of info NO ONE needs to know, but I had to share. Enjoy.

Tomorrow Anthony and I see Dr. Jidali for that super sensitive ultrasound and more blood work. I know I’m in good hands (both of my Sister’s In Law saw Dr. Jidali throughout their pregnancies and highly recommend him.) I’ll update on that appointment and everything we learn from him later this week. Wish us luck!!!



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