The Cupcake Project Returns!

*GASP!* A blog unrelated to Peep? Can it be?

Yes, folks, it can.

As promised at the beginning of the year, the CupCake project is making a comeback. We will start this month (March) and try to do one project from the book each month. I have had a lot of positive response to the cupcake project, which makes me so happy! And I’ve had several people asking to help out! Which just sounds fabulous to me. My best friend Beckie helped out on one project (TV Dinner) and we had a blast! So here is what I’ve decided to do. I’m listing the one project I plan to do each month here (dates are NOT pre-set). If that project sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to come to my house for an evening (or Saturday afternoon maybe) and help me out, I’d love to set it up. You may be asked to bring a supply or two, but you’ll always be able to take some home! There are several projects that people have already offered to help with, but feel free to add yourself to the list! I don’t intend to limit the number of people who can help unless the group gets too big (my kitchen is small!). So let me know! Can’t wait to get baking with my friends!!!

March: Easter Eggs!
Pastels and sprinkles! Instead of decorating real eggs, we can decorate cupcakes to look like them! I’d like to make these right at the end of the month so that they can actually be used for Easter Sunday.

April: March of the Penguins
Little waddling penguins, tiny icebergs, and even a bucket-o-fish! Too cute!
Alyse has volunteered.

May: Westies
In honor of my Birthday, doing one I really want to do: Tiny little doggies on licorice leashes!

June: Sunflowers
Let’s celebrate the coming of summer and make beautiful flowers and ladybugs out of cupcakes!

July: Candy Stars and Stripes Forever
In honor of 4th of July, let’s make a cupcake and candy American Flag! (although, we can’t make them ON 4th of July – that is my wedding anniversary – so just sometime in the month of July)

August: Play Pool!
Billiard Balls made out of Cupcakes.
Alyse has volunteered.

September: Big Birthday Cake.
It is a multicolored, multilayered birthday cake made out of cupcakes – in honor of our little Peep coming into the world. (This one’s date will have to be VERY flexible. I’m hoping  to do it after the baby is born, maybe in time for an “open house” for people to come meet the baby.)

October: What a Hoot!
Halloween Owls made out of Cupcakes!
Miranda and Alyse have volunteered.

November: Larry the Turkey!
Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE Holiday. Let’s make Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes to celebrate!

December: Edible Ornaments
Adorable Christmas “Ball” Ornaments to decorate any holiday table!

We’ll go that far and see where we’re at. There are many more projects than these 10, and I plan on doing the whole book – but we’ll take it month by month. Leave me a comment on this blog with your name (incase I don’t recognize your screen name) and the project/month you’d like to help out with! Looking forward to seeing you!


P.S. I blog about each project, complete with pictures. So if you aren’t comfortable being on my blog, then this might not be the project for you. Thanks for understanding!


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