Baby Francis, The Kumquat

(Sunday, Feb. 21, 2010)

Before we start my week 10 blog, can we go back to week 5? 5 weeks have passed since we found out we were going to be parents. And by chance, I ended up wearing the same shirt for today’s pictures that I did on that wonderful day. And CHECK.OUT.THE.DIFFERENCE!

Holy cow! Talk about not really being able to hide it much anymore!!! I can’t believe how much my body has changed in just over 1 month! This is crazy!!!

Ok – onto week 10:

What on earth is a Kumquat? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one. So, the reference of “Kumquat” did nothing for me this week. Needed to do some research:

According to Wikipedia: The kumquats or cumquats are a family of small fruit-bearing trees in the flowering plant family Rutaceae, in the genus Fortunella which is often included in the genus Citrus. The edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange (Citrus sinensis), but is smaller and is often oval.

Here is a picture:

Wow! Ok, so literally, little peep would fit snugly in the cup of my palm. Maybe just over an inch in length from head to rump. That is a HUGE jump from a little lentil bean!!! So neat.

Other baby updates: All the details are coming together – organ tissues are starting to work, finger nails are growing, and the baby has peach fuzz for hair!!! These are big deals here, people! My baby is more and more “human” every day. I’m so happy and proud! (Who knew proud would be an emotion I’d feel about peach fuzz!!)

I’m so excited to say that nausea is getting better! I’m so NOT out of the woods yet – but we are on the mend! I can eat more foods (like meats and cheeses) and I am not sitting there at any given moment trying not to throw up. I can’t even begin to tell you how great that is! Fatigue is getting a little better, too. I have more energy, but along with that means I need even more sleep. But I’m sleeping VERY well so far, and I hope that keeps up.

The worst part of this transformation from nausea to non-nausea is that my sense of smell is heightened about a million fold. I can smell better than my dog! And that is NOT a good thing. Most smells are just not good. And they make me SO sick. While I’m not barfing like I was, I’m sure gagging a lot! Eh – if it isn’t one thing, it is another, right? All I know is that it will be worth it and I won’t remember much of this phase once little Peep is here.

Oh, and I needed to give a shout out to my bosses, Christine and Nick – guys, if you are reading – YOU ROCK!!! As I was telling Nick the other day – I’m so lucky to have bosses that UNDERSTAND what I’m going through. Not everyone gets that treatment. My bosses talk to me about how I’m feeling every day. They give me advice (as they have two little ones of their own) and they make sure I’m always ok. Nick gets after me to drink my water and eat my snacks. Sometimes he even makes me popcorn! And Christine has never once had a problem with me need to be a little late because the porcelain Gods needed payment, or it took an extra 10 minutes to drag my sorry butt out of bed. I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to make sure that my job gets done, and at a stellar rate so that their good treatment of me doesn’t get taken advantage of. But even then – I mess up now and again (we have an inside joke about “cell-brains” (yes we know that is backwards – that is part of the joke) and how pregnant women have none.) and Christine takes it in stride, helping me double-check my work whenever I ask.

I’m truly blessed. I have a wonderful husband who is seriously reaching Saint-hood at this point. I have an incredible set of parents that have been nothing but supportive from day one. My In-Laws call regularly to check in and make sure I’m doing well, lending practical advice wherever possible. My sister has taken on the role of “Tia” like a fish to water, and I’m so proud. Anthony’s sibs are just as great – texting often to check in and see how Peep and I are doing. And on top of it all, I need to find mugs that say “Worlds Best Bosses” to boot. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and I’m hoping that God has heard me as I shout it to the mountain tops – THANK YOU! I’m truly blessed.

Ok – gush over. Back to looking at my belly in EVERY reflective surface I pass – just because it is THAT cool. Hahaha.



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