Dr. Visit went well!!!!

(Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010)

It’s official! As of right now, you should be all caught up! You all know that our “little secret” isn’t such a secret anymore!

Our visit with Dr. David went swimmingly! Anthony wasn’t able to get away from work for this appointment, so my mom, Michelle (Or Nana, as Peep will call her) came with me instead.

I had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of questions for Dr. D, and he sat on his stool and answered every single one of them. I adore him! He never once made me feel like my questions were silly or that there were just simply too many. He encourages the questions and flow of info, and I so greatly appreciate that!

After getting all the questions out, we talked about me – how I’m doing, what I’m feeling, etc. All normal. Woot! Then, he wanted to do the comparative ultrasound….no, wait – we need to draw blood first. Bah!

Ok, folks. Jen confession #42. I AM A NEEDLE PHOBE! I don’t simply “dislike” needles, nor am I “averse” to them. No, no. I am IRRATIONALLY TERRIFIED of them. I don’t know why – I don’t have an explanation. It just is. Luckily, I’ve known this fact for oh, I don’t know… 20+ years. So I’ve had time to develop a system. And truth be told – I’ve gotten way better over the years (haven’t cried during a draw since I was about 22…ish?) I even got my blood drawn right before our wedding ALL BY MY SELF for the first time ever. And I did soooooo good! I didn’t cry until I got to my car. Anthony was so worried about me. Anywho – I digress.

The system – Jen must be lying down. Jen cannot actually look at anything that is going on at the injection site. Someone must be talking to Jen through the entire ordeal. Do NOT tell Jen “1, 2, 3, poke” or whatever – Jen cannot know when it is coming.

Simple enough, right? So I laid down. We did my left arm (my preferred arm) for comfort. My mother held my hand and talked to me the whole time. Lizette, the nurse (who did a fabulous job, btw) said, “Ready?” and I freaked! No, I’m not ready! I’m never ready! She forgot the part about “Jen cannot know when it is coming.” So she walked away for a second, my mom resumed talking, she came back and ta da!!! Needle in, no problems. She hit the vein right on. Didn’t even really hurt. Just pinched.

My mom just kept talking. After a while, tho – I started to get light headed. I realized I had no clue as to how much blood she was drawing. When all was said and done, 5 viles (the most I’ve had drawn in over 10 years!) were full of my blood. Wow! Good thing I was lying down! She patched me up, and got the doc. Time for ultrasound! Just like that!!!

I couldn’t believe it:

LOOK HOW BIG THAT BABY IS!!! In comparison to that little tadpole just 3 weeks ago!!! At week 6, Peep was 5 millimeters. Yesterday, Peep measured in at 27 millimeters! Holy Cow! That is over quadrupling in size!!!!

My mom, of course, cried at the site. I laughed. I just couldn’t get over how cool that looks! We talked about the head, we talked about the heartbeat (around 140), we talked about the arms and legs – I was beside myself at just how amazing this small little being was!

After all was said and done, Dr. David said everything looks perfect. (I love that word!) And he felt that we were in a good position to be able to spread the news. So here we are! Telling all of you!

It was so fun to share today. My Facebook literally exploded when the new status went up. Both Anthony’s and my blogs hit record highs for views. The emails, text messages, phone calls, and comments started to pour in. We’ve felt so loved today. This baby has so much love coming its way! So thank you, if you were one of the many to reach out to us today. It was truly amazing.

It is now my bed time. I have to go  – but before I do, one more ultrasound pic for all of you! (It’s the baby’s head, in case you can’t tell!)



One thought on “Dr. Visit went well!!!!

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh Jen I am the same way about needles. I had to get my last MMR shot for Cal Lutheran and I freaked out about the needle so badly, that they wrote it down in my file that I was terrified of the shot. Kinda embarrassing.

    Also, I LOVE reading about your journey through this pregnancy. I know you are going to be a wonderful mother and Anthony is going to be the best dad! Can’t wait to meet the little one in September! Hope you are feeling less nauseous. 🙂

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