Baby Francis, the Grape/Olive

(Monday, Feb. 15, 2010)

Mmmmmmm Grapes.

Mmmmmmm Olives.

Don’t those sound great? Like a whole bowl full of black olives and a whole bag of frozen red grapes just sounds divine right now. Hmmmm. Must remember to run to the store later.

Well, folks! We’ve reached the 9 week mark! The week my WHOLE family has been waiting for. Why? Because tomorrow morning at 9:15, Dr. David is going to do a “comparative ultrasound.” He is going to take an ultrasound image of the baby and compare it to that of my last visit over 3 weeks ago. From this he will be able to tell A) if Peep is healthy. B) if Peep is growing at the right rate. C) that Peep’s heart rate is at the right levels. D) if my sac/baby/fluids all “look good.” A positive account from Dr. David means we get to announce our pregnancy to the world!!!!… On Wednesday. Ha!

There are a few people we’ve kept in the dark over the last 2 months and we’ll be calling to tell them tomorrow night before updating our Facebook Statuses tomorrow morning. (By the time you read this, that will have already happened!)

We are so excited. Can I just say that? I mean, WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

I swear I have more topics to blog about – just haven’t been able to focus on much else.

So update this week: Peep is about an inch long, or the size of a good ripe grape/olive. All of his/her essential body parts and organs are in place! And that tail is totally gone. Best of all – while Anthony and I won’t know until September if we have a Son or a Daughter, Peep already knows what it is! Reproductive organs are already in place. Oh – and it’s official – we made the leap from “Embryo” to “Fetus” this week. Sweet!!!

Anthony and I are feeling more and more like parents. Our conversations, plans, and actions all take into account the little one. We made our first trip to Babies R Us last week and poked around. We looked at cribs and nursery themes. We looked at strollers and high chairs. Anthony decided that he is a “back pack” sort of a guy, while I decided I’m more of a “Sling” type of gal. Some things we are totally decided on (convertible crib is a must!) and others we have a long way to go (Jungle Theme, but which one? There are like 20!)

I’m officially into maternity clothes, too.  Did you see the picture? I actually have a bump! I know – a lot of people think “wow, that is early!” And you are right. It is. For most. But let’s remember 2 things here, folks – 1) I”M TINY! And 2) I had a pretty flat tummy to begin with. Turns out that flat tummy was great for bikinis and tight jeans, but NOT so good for little Peep. He/She was SCREAMING for me to get into something looser about 4 weeks ago! I’ve managed with bigger jeans and the whole “Hair tie around the pants button” thing for a while, but no more. Becka, my SIL loaned me a marvelous pair of maternity jeans, and my mom bought me 2 pairs of oh-so-comfy maternity capri pants just yesterday. Woot! So much better. I’m taking my “not-so-flat-anymore” tummy in stride. I kind of like that little bump there!!! (This is the first week you can really actually see it!)

I’ll probably post again tomorrow. Gotta tell you everything I learn from Dr. David!

Have a great night everyone!



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