Baby Francis, the Raspberry

Sorry y’all – no picture this week – we forgot!

(Saturday, Feb 6, 2010) 8 weeks! Nothing much has changed. I’m still nauseous and still having trouble finding things to eat that don’t perpetuate the problem. However, I’m sleeping well (maybe a little too well!!!) and thoroughly enjoying the idea of a small person growing inside of me.

I learned that, as of today, the baby is about the size of a raspberry or Lima bean. Not quite double the size of last week’s blueberry status, but still a significant increase in size. I’m still thinking that at this rate I’m having a babyzilla. Hahaha.

I also learned that my baby’s fingers and toes are forming. They are still webbed, but if we were to get one of those crazy 3D cameras into my womb, we’d see definite phalanges! And the “tail” is as small as it will get before actually disappearing. Our baby is no longer a tadpole! It’s a baby!!!

Anthony and I are gearing up for week 9 – our second Doctor’s visit is during that week, and we are so excited!!! I just want to see how much the baby has grown!!! How cool will that be?

Other than that, nothing much to report. Stay tuned!



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