Baby Francis, The Blueberry!

(Saturday, Jan 30, 2010) 7 Weeks! Somehow I think my non-existent baby bump looks smaller than last week’s, but it is probably just the shirt I’m wearing. (And P.S. Ignore the bad hair day I’m having thankyouverymuch!)

We hit 7 weeks today and I’m so excited! We have officially spilled the beans to our immediate family. My parents, Ant’s parents, my sister, all 4 of his siblings, my grand parents, Ant’s grandparents and of course, Beckie Keenan (because it is totally mandatory that my bestest friend knows too!) all know. And what a support team we have! I feel so blessed.

There will be a few others we will tell before our big announcement around the 16th, but for now, that is it! We want everyone to be surprised. SURPRISE!!!! We are having a baby!!!

So how cool is this – when Elissa and Paul first told us about their precious bundle of joy back in Nov. of 2007, (which has since manifested into my 18 month old, walking, talking, beautiful baby niece, Laila!) Elissa was about 7 weeks along. And her words to me were, “It’s a blueberry!!! We are having a blueberry!” and then explained that was a description of the baby’s size. Well folks, we’ve come full circle. I am officially having a blueberry. And couldn’t be prouder. I texted Elissa this morning to tell her and everything. She laughed.

I read today that Little Peep’s eye lids are forming. Peep’s arms and legs are getting longer, but are still webbed, and the ‘tadpole tail” that holds the spinal cord (that is currently too long for the little body) is slowly but surely disappearing to form the tailbone.  Neat!

A blueberry, huh? That is more than double the size of a lentil bean! “They” (whoever “they” are) are serious when they say “Kids grow up so fast!” Well at that rate, I’m going to have a giant for a child! (No, not really, I know it slows down in a few weeks – but it is still fun to think about – CHILDZILLA TAKES OVER LOS ANGELES – DEMANDS A RANSOM OF GERBER’S PUFFS!)

I’m feeling better as far as nausea is concerned. The pills are helping tremendously. I’m sleeping better and eating better because of it. Although, we learned last night that my lovely, beautifully, CORRECTLY cooked meat at a pink-center-medium-rare isn’t going to work. It makes me sick. Bleh. And Boo. I so desperately wanted a hamburger from The Counter last night. Anthony graciously gave in against his better judgment (we are supposed to be saving money, he reminds me!) and I took one bite and couldn’t stomach it. I deconstructed it, ate the bacon on top, picked at it, tried a few small bites, and gave it up as a bad job. I ended up staring at the perfectly created gourmet burger and humbly ate my grilled pineapple and french fries instead. Boo.

BUT!!! I gotta tell ya – Noah’s bagels this morning was about the best darn thing I’ve eaten in over a month! So that was good to know! We picked up a tub of my favorite shmear to bring home so I could make bagels here. Thank you Lord for breakfast that stays down!!!

This journey is getting mighty interesting! I’ve done a TON of reading in the last few days. I’m fascinated by how this whole “growing a baby” thing works. Our bodies are absolutely remarkable! God has blessed us with healthy lives and I intend to keep it that way! Thanks for marveling with me! Stay tuned.



One thought on “Baby Francis, The Blueberry!

  1. Brooke Ritter says:

    hey! I don’t know if you’re aware but I work at The Picture People in the Valencia Mall. I would love to track your progress as part of a personal project for myself and for you guys! I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and it’s not exactly easy to just come across somebody with a blueberry 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested! I think it would entail 3 visits for each trimester and then one as soon as the baby is born. I WOULD LOVE IT! Awesome project! is my email, lemme know whatcha think 😀

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