We found out I’m pregnant!

Yup! Go us! We are going to be parents!!! Can you believe it? Come September, it will cease to be the “Jen & Ant Chronicles” and become the “Francis Family Chronicles.”

Today is Jan 16, 2010. Even though I won’t be posting this blog until sometime after Valentine’s day (right after our second Doctor’s visit and been given the “all clear”) I had to sit down and write. I can’t even begin to explain how I’m feeling… mixed emotions for sure!!

I am so excited! All I have ever wanted was to be a good mom. And now I have the chance to do that! But there is, of course, fear and anxiety that comes with that – I’m preggo for Christ’s sake! I mean, there are a million and one possible (albeit unlikely) things that can go wrong! And I haven’t even started the normal things like morning sickness, or mood swings, or heartburn, or gaining weight or anything! Those kind of scare me. And birth… Yikes! That giant baby is coming out of where? Holy cow!


I know I’ll be fine. Millions of women have done this before me, and millions will do it after – but it is my first time being pregnant, so of course, all the steps are taken very cautiously and EVERYTHING seems a bigger deal than it actually is.

Anthony and I are doing a lot of reading right now. I’ve got “What to Expect when your Expecting,” “Pregnancy & Birth; The Essential Checklists,” and “Consumer Reports Best Baby Buys of 2009” (the 2010 version won’t come out until half way through my pregnancy…). I am also absolutely and totally obsessed with TheBump.com and BabyCenter.com. I have put a pregnancy widget on my phone, too!

The excited part of me is just bursting with everything from elation to pride. I mean, I KNEW I was pregnant even without that test. I’ve been seriously hungry STARVING for 3 weeks. My chest is swollen and sore. I’ve gained a whole pound!!!! (If you know me well, you know what a feat that is!) I could just tell. But Anthony kept saying “it isn’t positive until the test says so.’ So we agreed when I’d missed my period on Monday to test on Saturday. I woke up at 7:30 this morning and had to pee like you wouldn’t believe. So I took the test in there with me. I’ve done this before – and it usually takes the whole 3 minutes to come up with a result. Not this time. Less than a minute after it started “thinking” it had a result: PREGNANT.

Anthony was only slightly awake and the lights weren’t on yet. He asked if I’d taken the test. I jumped into bed and held it up to his face. He looked at me with this look that said “you are silly, you know I can’t see that.” He fumbled for his glasses, tried to focus, and couldn’t. He finally yanked my arm into a position he could read it from and yelled, ‘YAY!!!!!” and hugged me. I was shaking. We stayed there for several minutes, embracing in the knowledge that we were going to be parents.

Ant got up and brushed his teeth, I went out to feed the dog… our usual morning things. As always, we crossed paths in the hallway.  But instead of our usual passing, he literally picked me up off the ground and hugged me again. I always know when Anthony is at an 11 on a scale of 1-10 – he picks me up. (He did it when we got engaged, and as soon as we got to our hotel room on our wedding night, too). It was the best thing he could have done to show me how happy and excited he was at our news.

We went about our day with our little secret tucked neatly away. We ended up seeing so much family today – Yvonne, Brian, and the kids – and Uncle Lee! And Elissa and Becka, too – it was so hard to keep my mouth shut. But I did. Hence why I’m spilling my guts on the computer.

I can’t wait to tell my parents tomorrow, and Ant’s parents as soon as we can see them in person. By the time you read this – our siblings will all know.

By now it is Mid February, and I’m 9 weeks (or about 2 months along.) We are due on Saturday, September 18th, 2010. We have decided NOT to find out the sex of the baby until the day he or she is born. We will have one name picked out for each sex before hand.

I am so excited for the months ahead – to watch and feel my body go through this journey. To start the next chapter of our lives together as the family we have always wanted to be. To make the transition into motherhood. Oh – and to pick out a nursery theme. That is a BIG one. 😉

As I write this blog, I am 5 weeks along. I’ll be taking weekly photos to watch/document (and to remember) this incredible journey I am about to embark on. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks for reading!!!

Me at 5 Weeks along.

2 thoughts on “We found out I’m pregnant!

  1. Tamara Gordon says:

    That was so fun to read!! I’m so glad you kept this blog ❤ What a precious beginning to this beautiful journey with your lil one.

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