Baby Francis, the Lentil Bean

(Saturday, Jan 23, 2010) 6 weeks along!! And Baby Francis is about the size of a Lentil Bean! That is so tiny!!!!

I’ve read that the baby’s head has taken shape, the spinal cord is forming, and the arms are sticking out like little stubby knobs. How cute!!!

In a week’s time I’ve gone from happy and elated to… nauseous. Yup – I have “morning sickness.” Which, oddly enough, doesn’t just apply to the morning. Nope – it is pretty much always. Morning, lunch time, evening… the only times that I seem to not be nauseous are the early afternoons (like right after lunch, for a couple of hours) or when I’m sleeping. Who knows? Maybe I am nauseous when I’m sleeping, and I just don’t know it!

Oh well. I’ve been told by everyone who knows I’m pregnant – my Mother, my books, my Boss, my Doctor – that this is a great sign! Especially this early. That means that the baby is growing healthy and strong. So I’ll take that as the silver lining and try to remember that little fact as I puke up last night’s dessert. Bleh.

Speaking of Doctors – we saw ours for the first time this week! Monday, Anthony and I both left work a little early to meet with him and get to know our little “Peep” as we’ve been calling it. (Long story short, we call my boss’s kids her “little people,” which quickly got shortened to “Little peeps.” So now I have a “little peep” of my own.) Dr. David Gausi is the name of our OBGYN and he’s great! Normally, I’m not comfortable with male doctors, but he makes me feel comfortable and at home. And doesn’t seem at all phased by the absolute cacophony of questions we both have.  We discussed the symptoms I’m already experiencing (nausea, frequent urination, massive appetite, fatigue…) and he seems pleased by it all. He gave me a prescription for a nausea medication, because he did admit that it is a little early for me to be feeling this nauseous and it has the potential to get much worse over the next few weeks (grreeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttt).

Then we got to see this!!!!!!

The very first picture of our baby! According to the doc, everything looks great. No pools of blood, no fluid that shouldn’t be there, no marks that cause him concern… just a large amniotic sac and one little baby! I could see the head and the body clear as day! Little Peep measures in at about 5 millimeters now. Woot!

AND we could see the heartbeat! (Too early to hear it). So cool. I almost cried. But I’m a strong Mom – I held it together. 😉 Anthony was in awe.

We set up our second appointment for just after Valentine’s day, and Anthony and I agreed that if all went well at that visit that we could spread the news. Yippie!!! Cause I’m dying to tell you all everything there is to know about my baby. Hahaha.

Anthony has been just wonderful. He’s caring and doting and protective. He gives me a hard time sometimes because he knows he can, but over all, he’s been such an asset to Team Baby. He rubs my back and brings me ginger ale. He makes sure I’m in bed by 11 and that I take my vitamin. He yells at me when I haven’t had enough water, and he takes out the trash before I tell him the smell is making me sick. He did say it is still my job to do the laundry, tho! Darn. Can’t get out of all of it, can I? Laundry it is!!!

More to come! Stay tuned!



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