Book Review

Trying something new here, and hopefully trying out something else new later this week. (Don’t hold your breath tho – Holidays = Busy girl = not a lot of time for blogging.)

Just finished a really, REALLY great book. Out of 5 stars, I’d give it 4 and a half. One of those that you really just can’t put down.

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.

I know, I know – the book was just made a movie and was secondary to The Da Vinci Code – blah blah blah.

First, I’ll have you know that I read The Da Vinci Code by shear interest before the movie was even being filmed. It stood alone on a book shelf and just invited me to pick it up and read it. I had NO IDEA at the time that it was a series, nor did I know that it was the second book in said series and not the first. But I digress…

The point is that I loved the Movie, “The Da Vinci Code” and really want to see “Angels & Demons.” But, of course, that means I need to read the book first, right? ALWAYS!

So, on our trip home from Reno over Thanksgiving, I picked it up off of the airport newsstand shelf and started reading. Instantly, I was hooked – the same way I was with Da Vinci Code. Mr. Brown has this ridiculously simple way of writing. It makes everyone from the most intellectual reader to the “I don’t read very often” type feel right at home. And history buffs/ conspiracy theorists are just clamoring for the next page. Myself included. I love the fact that while his books are TOTAL works of fiction, they are based in real, HISTORICALLY based fact. These places, these documents, these secret societies all existed or still exist today. How cool is that??? The research he must have done to keep these books true to realty must have taken years. I can’t even imagine. And here he is – writing it all out in a way that makes it all visually available for anyone. LOVE IT.

Angels & Demons is the first in a series of at least three books (possibly more – don’t know). The series follows a Harvard Professor named Robert Langdon on some pretty astonishing, life threatening adventures through ancient relics and symbols, set in modern day scenarios. Crazy as it sounds – it all somehow works. It’s even believable! This stuff could actually happen! (Possible, but not likely… I hope.)

This adventure takes us to Vatican City on the Eve of Conclave, as the current Pope has passed away and the time for a new regime is in order. But conclave and it’s ancient traditions are threatened by the Church’s ultimate and most aggressive arch enemy – Science itself – in the form of an very old Secret Society called the Illuminati. The legend of The Illuminati goes back to the days of Galileo. These men met in secret all over Rome to discuss scientific breakthroughs and theories away from the eyes of the Church. Eventually the Church crushed the group and forbade them to ever meet again. But Secrecy has always kind of been their thing, and the time has come for them to reveal themselves in a modern world as a fierce alternative to Religion.

In this story, the Illuminati is back, and they are out for revenge!!! I won’t tell you what happens – You’ll have to find out for yourself. All I can tell you is that you NEVER see the ending twists coming, I don’t care how many times you think you know. I found myself saying, out loud, “What??? Wait a minute – how is that…. huh???” And then reading on and saying (again out loud) “ohhhhhhhhhh. I get it.” And this happened more than once.

It really is a very well written work of fiction and I highly, highly recommend it. The Chapters are numerous, but usually very short, so it is an easy read. The short chapters are a tool Brown uses to cut from one story line to another n order to keep you abreast of all the information you need to know to keep putting two and two together. It is also convenient for when you need to put the book down for a minute or two to walk the dog or eat – telling someone “just one second, I need to finish this chapter” really only takes another minute or so on average.

So now, I’ve read Angels & Demons. Looking forward to watching the movie. I am also re-reading The Da Vinci Code (which makes LOADS more sense in the first few chapters, now that I know what the references to The Vatican mean to the story). Once I finish it this time around, I fully intent on going out and purchasing “The Lost Symbol” the third book in the series. I simply can’t wait to find out what happens to Langdon and the absolutely riveting half fact/ half fiction adventure.

What are you still sitting there reading this for? Go read the book!



One thought on “Book Review

  1. Lauren and Dwayne says:

    I read the Da Vinci Code as well a long time ago and really want to read Angels and Demons. I have seen both movies and love love love them. even though you know what's going to happen you are on the edge of your seat. I look forward to hearing what you think about Angels and Demons after you watch it!

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