Today, I am Thankful for: Traditions

Can’t you just hear it?

Tradiiitiooooooon! Tradition!

Every time I hear the word “Tradition” I hear Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof singing “Tradition!”

And man, does my family have Thanksgiving Traditions. Everything from religiously watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to cooking our Turkey on the BBQ, I can always count on our family traditions.

Thanksgiving for my family is always at my Grandmother’s house in Carson City, NV. On Turkey Day, the cooking starts at 9am. Bird/stuffing first. Everyone contributes something – appetizers, garnishes, entrees, drinks… everyone has a hand in our feast. Our appetizers always end up being “lunch” and they are always predictable: shrimp, olives, pate, olives, veggies, olives, some kind of bread, oh… and did I mention olives? (My favorite!)

We always have 2 meats – Turkey and Ham. This year, I’m cooking the ham. We always have jello salad – this year is Orange. So yummy. We always have rolls, stuffing, salad, veggies (that I never eat), mashed potatoes and MORE OLIVES!! And then dessert, which is a pie or two and cheese cake.

The “Kids” (which is still me, my sister, and now Anthony) set the table, which will have 13+ people at it this year, before cooking is done. PopPop always says the prayer. Everyone helps out with clearing the table and with the dishes to make it easier and faster. Then afterwards, we play games as a family with the TV on in the background.

T-day is a whole weekend for my family. And we go bowling on black friday to avoid the shopping crowd. And we eat left overs for lunch and have Taco night for dinner. AH-maaaaazing! Seriously – a house full of mexicans and spaniards? Yea – let’s just say, we do Taco night RIGHT!

And this year, we add another tradition! Anthony, of course, has to contribute this year too. So he taught me how to make Cardemom bread like his mom makes for Thanksgiving every year and we are bringing that to the feast. It is one of Anthony’s favorite traditions of his own Thanksgivings, and now it is a part of ours! I am so happy to share our very first holiday together as a married couple. Well… second. I seem to remember spending 4th of July with him this year…

So I’m thankful for traditions – both new and old. 😉



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