Today, I am Thankful for: Anthony

So, I was going to wait until the week of Thanksgiving to do a few blogs about the people in my life that I am thankful for. And of course, one of the people I am most thankful for is my husband, Anthony.

But I felt like I had to do this one today. On the way to work this morning, I heard a song by Daruis Rucker called “History in the making.” The song is all about this guy who is making a memory out of the current moment he is sharing with his girl and saying that this could be a moment they want to remember as part of their personal history. One of the lines in the chourus that just hit me was, “Baby this – could be our last ‘first kiss’.”

Have you ever thought about that? That the person you spend your life with gave you the last ‘first kiss’ you’ll ever have? I really never did until today. Anthony and I will celebrate 5 years together on Friday. And 5 years ago this month, I had my very last “first kiss.” I remember it like it just happened, but it’s odd to think that it will never happen again.

And then I look at my husband, sitting next to me and I think about all the things he does for me – like being in his jeans and white t-shirt (my favorite) that he chose to wear, just for me. He cooks for me. He buys silly little gifts for me on random Tuesdays just to tell me he loves me. He takes such good care of me, every day. And he gives THE BEST hugs and kisses. (Nope – don’t want to hear rebuttle. End of story – THE. BEST.)

He makes me laugh like you wouldn’t believe. The laughter we share brings us to tears on a pretty regular basis. And he teaches me new things every day. He pushes me to think both inside and outside of the box. He encourages my creativity, and he puts up with my crazy shinanigans.

He is a family man, who has embraced my large, loud, crazy family – and accepted me into his even larger, even louder, even crazier one. And through everything we’ve created our own little crazy family. Granted, right now it is just him, me and the dog, but it is our family nontheless.

Anthony inspires me, every day, to be the woman and the wife and the friend I want to be. I am so thankful to have Anthony in my life. I am so thankful he chose me. I am so thankful he loves me with all of his heart and lets me love him right back. I am thankful for his hugs and his kisses and his funny, quirky sense of humor.

I love Anthony more than he knows. And as we look back on our first 5 years together, I can’t help but be thankful that he gave me my last ‘first kiss.’

Love you, Ant. Happy 5 years on Friday!!


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