Today, I am Thankful for: Weddings

Bolg #3:

Anthony and I just got home from a wedding. Through facebook, I have reconnected with an old friend from High School. Her name is Danica and she got married today! (Shout out, and congrats to her and Rob!)

Danica and Rob are Mormon and got married in a Temple this morning, which Anthony and I could not attend (although I really would love to see the inside of a Mormon Temple someday – I hear they are just beautiful.). Anthony and I went to the reception this evening. Gotta say – it was beautiful. They went with fall colors – browns and oranges – with accents of a lime green. It was a great combo! And there were little silk leaves on the tables too! And the room was draped with a white cloth coming from the center of the room where 3 huge paper lanterns were lit. It was just lovely. And you could tell that Danica and Rob were happy, too. She looked gorgeous! Like a princess.

I couldn’t be happier for my old friend. And, of course, I couldn’t help but think back to my own wedding, just 4 months ago. It was everything I wanted – My Hunter Green colors, the dress that made me feel like a princess, decorations that fit my personality, and our family and friends by our sides. It was a wonderful day I will never forget. And I’m so Thankful that it turned out the way it did.

So many people worked really hard to help me and Anthony have our special day. Mostly our parents and our bridal party. And it went off without a hitch because I had so many people looking out for me. I remember only good things from that day.

So I am thankful for weddings. I am thankful that Danica found her Prince Charming and had her happy day. And I am Thankful for the people in my life that made my own wedding possible and so spectacular. I’m one lucky girl.



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