Today, I am Thankful for: RootBeer

Bloggy Blog #2:

Jen Confession #8 – I’m addicted to caffeine. And not just caffeine. But caffeine in the form of Soda. Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper… I can’t help myself! I love soda!

But, as we all know, caffeine is not a good thing to be addicted to. So I’ve worked very hard over the last month or so, and gotten myself down to 1 (count it – ONE) cup/can of caffeinated soda per day. And some days I’ve totally gone without. (Truth be told – having piggy flu for two weeks didn’t hurt the effort! I was on water and juice the whole time!)

I’m super proud of my accomplishment and anyone who has known me for any reasonable amount of time knows what a feat this is. But I will tell you that I get easily bored of water, apple juice, and lemonade.

This afternoon, it hit me – that 3pm lull where I might actually fall asleep with my eyes open at my desk. I had little choice – so I walked over to “Merlin’s,” a little deli about 5 doors down from Charming, and had my first soda since Tuesday. Ahh. Blissful caffeine rush. It got me through the rest of my day, for sure. But, that meant no more soda for today. And that sucked because I had intended to have a soda with dinner. And it was a huge dissapointment to replace it with propell water. So for the rest of the night I was craving a soda. Of any kind. Oh well. Had to deal. So I went the evening without my much desired beverage.

And then!!! Anthony to the rescue!!! We were out and about and he reminded me that most RootBeers don’t have any caffeine! So, while we were out and about, he walked me over to Bristol Farms to get one. But they were closed. Boo. So he drove me to the McDonalds down the street. Ummmmm…. when did McDonalds stop serving RootBeer? Boo. So he drove me to Rite-Aid. And once again! Foiled! No RootBeer!!! So Anthony drove me to Ralphs (in the same parking lot) and FINALLY!!! We found Mugs RootBeer in the refrigerated section. It was wonderful! I had my soda, and didn’t break my rule about “no more than one can of caffeine!” So cool.

So, that is a long winded way of saying I am Thankful for RootBeer. Oh – and one amazing husband. 😉



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