CherryTree Threads

Alright – It’s time to go public.

No, I don’t have some big hairy secret or anything. I have an idea. Well, “We” (as in Anthony & I) have an idea. And that is to start my own run-from-home business. My “Arts & Crafts” have started to take over, and I’ve had several people (from friends to complete strangers) ask “How much?” for some of the things I make.

Most prominent of these items are the jewelry pieces I’ve made. Next are the blankets/quilts I’ve been making. The last item is a new venture, so we’ll see how it goes – Anyone interested in really cute, really flirty aprons? The baker/party hostess in me loves the idea of having aprons that match my shoes. Hahaha.

I’m working on a website through (Thanks Bri and Sandy!!) and working on everything from a logo to a mission. I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me, but I think it will be really fun. And if it works, maybe it will be something I end up doing full time. I’ve learned a lot from the small businesses around me – My dad, a few friends, and even the company I work for now. I’m going to start small and see where it takes me. I’ve got a couple of “Projects” (what I call each item I work on) going on in the Jewelry department, and I plan on taking pictures of what is available and putting it on the site. I’m hoping to have the site up and running by Halloween.

But the one thing I think will set me apart is that I don’t plan on selling just pre-made things. I am putting a page on my site where customers can contact me with ideas of their own that I can custom make for them – I mean, that is how this whole thing really started! I didn’t like anything I found out there for jewelry for me and for my bridesmaids for my wedding – so I learned how to make it! And it was perfect. Exactly what I wanted. I’d love to make simple little details like that easy for Brides coming down the pike.

I know that my ideas and concepts are a little “all over” at the moment. But it’s coming together. And I have a name! I knew from the word “Go” that I wanted to incorporate my love of Cherries into my logo and theme. Anthony came up with CherryTree Threads, and I fell in love. So there it is!! I’m excited for the adventre. Keep checking back for more news!



One thought on “CherryTree Threads

  1. Lauren and Dwayne says:

    That's awesome Jen! And for the record…I would totally buy a fun apron among other things that you made. 🙂 Go Jen go!!!

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