Expanding our horizons

Anthony and I recently started to really look at our daily diets and how it effects our lives. If you weren’t already aware, I am SUPER picky. I don’t eat things that are green, except for green apples and celery. I don’t eat vegetables except for corn, celery, & carrots. I don’t eat seafood of any kind. I don’t like potatoes, or meatloaf, or most soups. I don’t like tomatoes, or onions, or mushrooms. And I’m not a big cheese person at all. But I still HAVE to have cheddar cheese on my hamburgers and Parmesan on my pasta. Oh – and my foods are almost never allowed to touch each other on the plate. I hate that. Bleh.

When Anthony and I met, I felt wonderful because I’d finally met someone who ate a lot like me! Plain, simple, and carbo loaded. But a few years ago, Anthony started to branch out, and he has FAR surpassed me. But maybe not in a good way – he hasn’t been eating all that healthily. So we decided 2 things. That I needed to branch out more, and Anthony needed to eat better. So, we’ve been trying. And it’s been going well! We’ve almost totally cut out Soda (and Anthony has already lost a pound or two because of it!) and there are more fruit and veggies in the house now than I think there has ever been.

So, in honor of making this new lifestyle a routine, Anthony (the cook between the two of us) made us dinner last week in our brand new wok! (Shout out of Thanks to my parents for buying it for him for his b-day! It’s coming in handy!)

We marinated lean steak strips in a Baja Chipotle sauce overnight. Anthony threw the meat, along with an orange bell pepper and some shrimp into the wok, and voila! A pretty hearty meal! We put that over rice, and had at it. It was so tasty! And much healthier than what we normally eat! Check out the pics!

Now, I could just stop there and pretend I ate it like it looks above. But let’s not kid ourselves here, folks. First, I don’t eat shrimp. Second off, I’m pretty sure I don’t like bell peppers. And third – IT’S ALL TOUCHING!!!!

Nope… This is what my plate looked like:Now, I did eat the pepper! I didn’t like it enough to say, yea – I’d eat that all by itself! Or even enough to say I’d eat a lot of it in one dish! But I can tolerate it enough to eat them if they were mixed in with a dish, say at a Chinese restaurant or something. So that is a start. I didn’t get the shrimp down. Smelled it and gagged. So Anthony ate it for me. But the meat and the rice were great together! And no soda, either. I had propel water. So while I’m so not saintly yet, I’m doing well on the trying new things!!! Let’s hope I can keep it up!



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