Things I want, but Cant Afford…

Impulses and I don’t always get along. I’m totally guilty of doing the “impulse buy” when I’m out and about – bringing things home that I know I don’t need, but still just “HAD TO HAVE.” Anthony loves to roll his eyes at me for it.

I do this thing when I’m in stores with Anthony where I see something I want, but know I don’t need – I tug on his arm or sleeve, point at it as if I were 5 years old, and pout, “Anferneeee! I want that.” 5 years together and it’s still never worked. Ha! I guess that is a good thing. Because if I’m honest (and I should be), Anthony rarely deprives me of things I want when we can afford it. It is always the things I want that would break the bank that he turns me down on, and I can’t really argue with him on it.

In light of this little rant, I thought I’d put a list of things together that I REALLY want, but can’t have. Or rather, can’t afford. I bet you anything several of these items will end up on my Christmas or Birthday list in the near future – but trust me. I’m not holding my breath. Promise.

1) RosettaStone in Spanish & in Arabic.
– Seriously people! Ant and I aren’t kidding when we tell people we want to be able to actually speak the languages of our heritage well enough to teach our kids. We have every intention of learning the languages, passing them on, and speaking them regularly in our home. But we gotta learn them first. Why does the darn program have to be so expensive? I’ll tell ya why – IT WORKS. And supply and demand says that yes, they can charge $500 for the full lesson because who else is going to teach you? That’s right. Nobody. Pony up.

Coach Purse. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not all that “trendy” when it comes to designer things. But we all also know that I have 2 very distinct weaknesses… purses, and shoes. And not just any purse or shoe – no no! It has to be designer for it to really “wow” the crowd. Now, let’s face it. I have one guess purse, and about 20 knock offs, and NONE of my shoes are designer, unless you count Ann Taylor as designer. I don’t. I’m talking Calvin Klein, Gucci, Jimmy Choo – ok, I’ll stop drooling now… Which brings me to:

3) Calvin Klein Mary Janes. Mmmmmmm. Look how pretty they are!!! I actually want the gray suede version of this, but I couldn’t find a pic. But still… I want!

J-Crew Black Dress. As part of my 101 in 1001, I’m on the search for the PERFECT “Little Black Dress.” Look no further, people! I’ve found heaven in black cotton cady (as they call it). I’ve tried it on, and if looks could kill, you’d be dead! I love it. Too bad it is currently $225, and Anthony won’t let me buy ANY one article of clothing exceeding $60. Hrumph!

Elfa Storage Center for my home office. Yes, I have a home office. Actually, I share a home office with Anthony. And it needs help! We are organized people, no doubt! But there is just never enough space. I want to create a space for all of my beading and sewing projects so they won’t get mixed up, wrinkled, or start to overlap on to Anthony’s precious drawing boards. Help me Elfa! Help me!

New Sectional Couch. Don’t get me wrong – the futon ROCKS! But let’s face it. We want a house. The Futon will rock the world of the office before too long, and we’ll need something to sit on!!! And I’ve always wanted a sectional. They are so comfy and inclusive, and they just fit me so nicely. Can’t you just see me, relaxing with a blanket, a book, and the dog on this? You know you can!

Jewelry Armoire for my every growing collection. I make jewelry, people! My collection is starting to escape it’s tiny little excuse for a Jewelry organizer, and I won’t stand for it any longer! I need something like this, that holds it all, organizes it all, and matches our bedroom furniture. It’s beautiful cherry wood and contemporary look and feel is calling out to me – “Jen! Come organize me!” Oy.

Victoria’s Secret Pea Coat. Just because. I’m the biggest cold wuss on the planet, and Anthony would indulge me with coats and scarves (my favorites!) when we lived up north as sort of a “Hey – Thanks for packing up your life and moving to a totally new place that is way colder than you ever expected so we could be together” gesture. Let’s just say, it worked every time! I want to go back! And dangit, I want to go back with this in my suit case!

My Siberian Husky. Oh Pup, don’t feel betrayed. We love you to pieces. But let’s be honest. Pup, you aren’t a real dog. You are more of a dog/cat/mountain goat rolled into one, with the neediness of a small child to boot! I am a DOG person – through and through. I would never turn pup away, or get rid of him, or even think of such things! But I am fully aware that when his adorable/funny/crazy little life is over, it’s back to big dogs that know how to sit, stay, FETCH, roll over, and heel. And man, am I in love with this breed. Such stunning beauty. Can’t wait.

The iPhone… I know, I know… “Jen! You said you hated that thing!” And really, I do. If I had a dime for every time I tried to get Anthony’s, Phil’s, Gaby’s, Morgan’s, and now even Beckie’s attention away from that thing and failed, I’d take you out to lunch! But, alas, it’s functionality, dependability, speed, and convenience have come to outweigh all that. The world is a changing people, and my “media phone” that let’s me check email and my bank account and not much else just isn’t going to cut it. If I’m going to own my own business someday, I’ve got to get over it and get one.


So there you have it. 10 things I really want, but can’t afford at the moment. Anthony says that when I win the lottery, I can have all those things and more. Hahaha. I just have to remember, I have to play to win. đŸ˜‰



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